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Research Mentor Information

Mentor Information

If you are mentoring a student applying for a UW Bothell Founder’s Fellow Scholarship you will be asked to write a letter of support for the student.  UW Bothell Founder’s Fellow Scholarships are designed to enhance the educational experiences of students across campus who are engaged in research, scholarship, or creative activity with faculty. Research scholarships are investments in students – encouraging them to understand the creative processes involved in research and scholarship while developing valuable critical thinking and analytical skills. We seek applicants who are imaginative and passionate about their endeavors, and who can envision and articulate how they will stretch, grow, and contribute through this opportunity.

Types of Mentors

Each applicant for a UW Founder’s Fellow Scholarship must identify a faculty mentor who will provide guidance to the student during the award period. Any University of Washington faculty member may serve as a mentor.

In circumstances where students work frequently with a non‐faculty member, it is often appropriate for the student to have this person serve as an additional mentor. This person is encouraged to write a supplementary letter and submit it to  While serving as a mentor requires an investment of your time, the wisdom, insight, and enthusiasm you contribute is invaluable to this student’s success and learning.

Steps to becoming a Mentor

A letter of support from the student’s faculty mentor is a required component for an application and must be received by the deadline (December 8th at 5 pm)  at  If you are unable to do so or have questions regarding the scholarships or the review process, please contact us as soon as possible.

Please write a letter of support which describes:

  1. The research project,
  2. The ways in which this student contributes to the research,
  3. How this student’s education is enhanced by participation in this project, and
  4. This student’s strengths, talents, potential and/or areas for improvement.
  5. Anything else you think is relevant to this student’s application

Please provide examples to illustrate your assessment and recommendation of the student.

Submission Deadline for 2016-2017

Please email your letter of support to by Wednesday, December 7 at 5:00 pm.