Grant Timeline


Ten steps to cross the finish line

  1. CREATE YOUR GIST: Write reusable language explaining your research interests, impacts, and statements.
  2. ATTEND WORKSHOPS: Start perusing the research website, workshops, and visit staff to build up and strengthen your portfolio.
  3. SHOP FOR SOLICITATIONS: Look for sponsors and begin thinking creatively on your opportunities. Ask Office of Research staff for ideas.
  4. 1-2 MONTHS NOTICE CONTACT OFFICE OF RESEARCH: Notify Cindy Shirley that you are planning to submit a grant. She will add you to the list and guide you on the little details including help with the budget portion.
  5. BROADER IMPACTS: Meet with Ann McMahon to add the competitive edge to your application! Pinpoint how your research can impact the community, how you want to communicate it, and find groups to collaborate with.
  6. 2 WEEKS: NOTIFY PARTIES: Take this time to notify all groups involved including your Dean/Chair and external partners. They will have to participate in the eGC1 and need to know it’s coming! cc Cindy on emails.
  7. 3 DAYS: eGC1 DEADLINE: All parties must sign and approve the grant. This is a hard and strict deadline. It is even OK to send it in a day early. **Note: School of Business requires 1 additional day, for a total of 4 days prior to deadline.**
  8. SUBMISSION DAY: Cindy submits the final grant to the sponsor. Go home and relax!
  9. AWARD ANNOUNCEMENT: Funded or not, celebrate what you learned from the process and start planning your next submission.
  10. FOLLOW-UP: Visit the Office of Research to learn how to manage your new grant, or work on strategy to improve the next submission.