Grant Information Memoranda (GIM 19)

Deadlines to Proposals to Outside Agencies: The University has internal deadlines in place for proposals submissions to outside entities. 
7-day deadline: business section should be complete and a draft of the narrative. 3-day deadline: entire proposal must be complete and Ready To Submit.
Please refer to

Employee Conflict of Interest

More information about the Employee Conflict of Interest can be found here.

Please also refer to the Financial Interest Disclosure System website.

Staff and Faculty Effort Reporting on Externally Sponsored Projects

This policy sets forth conditions for the documentation of effort for faculty and professional staff who receive compensation, in whole or in part, through a grant or sponsored agreement, or who have committed personnel costs as part of cost sharing obligation on a grant or sponsored agreement.

There are two systems for certification: Faculty Effort Certification (FEC) and Grant and Contract Certification Report (GCCR).  The FEC system is for faculty that have effort on a sponsored project.  The certification is pulled from the payroll system.  Certifications happen twice a year.  The GCCR is a report generated each quarter and shows non-faculty employees paid on sponsored projects.  Principal Investigators are required to sign the GCCR reports for their grants.  For questions, please contact Cindy Shirley in the Office of Research.


Did You Know?

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