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2016 Worthington Scholars

2016 Worthington Distinguished Scholars

It is important to recognize and support the promising work of some of our junior investigators. This seed money helps launch their research career and advance their research goals.Carolyn Brennan, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research

The Worthington Fund was established by the late Richard and Lois Worthington to promote excellence and scholarship at UW Bothell.

shauna-carlisle-portrait.jpgShauna Carlisle, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
As a Worthington Distinguished Scholar, Dr. Carlisle will advance her study of African and Afro-Caribbean chronic health by examining the relationship between self-reported perceived discrimination and physiological indicators of health among 50 black immigrant women in Washington State. This innovative focus on the heterogeneity within the black American population and the cross-disciplinary nature of the work holds great promise for uncovering why and how racially-related stress matters for health and health disparities.




Amaranth Borsuk, PhDAmaranth Borsuk, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
Funding will support Dr. Borsuk's research on the history of the book as a technology, medium of communication, and cultural ideal. Her book on the subject will explore various facets of how, culturally, the book was and continues to be constructed: as a material object; an economic value; a principle of unity and coherence; a mechanism of social mediation; a public good; and a site of experimentation. This exciting scholarship has great appeal as a window into cutting-edge methodological currents in medium-specific analysis and new media aesthetics. 



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