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The faculty student experience is paramount at UW Bothell and due to the nature of being a primarily undergraduate institution, faculty have competing priorities and limited time.  Therefore, UW Bothell’s Office of Research offers support to advance their research agenda and maximize their community impact while creating conditions for faculty student connections. 



Guided Explorations

Undergraduate Research and Creative Practice
at the University of Washington Bothell



woman's sillouette with umbrella, tree, and crowsCampus Research Connections:
The Zeitgeist and Me - Jeanne Heuving, Ph.D.

February 12, 2019, 6-8PM 
Hugo House, a place for writers, Seattle

The zeitgeist, loosely translated as “the spirit of the age,” was once a popular term to evaluate directions in experimental and avant-garde art, but now largely has fallen into disuse. In this talk, Dr. Heuving, resurrects this term, so steeped in the past that its nostalgia provides an apt platform for discussing her work—in step and out of step with defining ventures of her time.



Braoder Impact Legacy Banner - two sillouettes looking at a sky full of stars.jpgFaculty Broader Impact Legacy

The Office of Research is implementing processes to help faculty members develop “impact identities”. The generation of their Broader Impact (BI) Legacy narrative involves a reflective process in which each faculty member examines integration of scholarship with societal needs, personal preferences, capacities and skills, and institutional contexts.

At the college and institutional levels, impact identities and Broader Impact Legacy work help to develop strategic connections between disciplines and partners.   Read more about developing your broader impact legacy.


stem-400.JPGUndergraduate Researchers

If you are looking for ways to enhance your education, pad your resume, or just be a part of amazing projects, we recommend getting involved with research! Freshman and first-year transfer students are encouraged to get involved the first quarter they arrive. Research can help students develop new skills and passions, lead to awards and scholarships, and improve learning in the classroom.

Visit the Undergraduate Research pages.




database.jpgUW Bothell Undergraduate Research and Creative Practice Database

Faculty and Staff Researchers: Post your research online so students can find you any time of the year.

Post your research recruiting poster online (the one you use at the Fall Research Fair). Students can search by keywords to find that one unique opportunity they are looking for. Log in with your netID and fill out one form.

Students: find a research opportunity here!




""UW Bothell Herbarium

The UW Bothell Herbarium provides a critical authoritative record of plants occurring in the campus wetland and the greater North Creek Basin. As the vegetation changes through time in the wetland it will form a reliable record to help us and future researchers understand biological and habitat change in one of our regions’ preeminent floodplain restoration projects.
In 2016, the Office of Research began supporting the herbarium efforts. By teaming up with the Burke Herbarium (UW Seattle), the collection will be accessible online in late 2017. Please contact Sarah Verlinde ( if you’re interested in donating, volunteering, studying, or taking a tour.


UW Bothell Clean Room""

The University of Washington Bothell is one of the only universities in the area offering the unique feature of a clean room. A clean room has low levels of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors - making it vital to manufacturing. At UW Bothell, you'll find many of our electrical engineering undergraduates, graduates, and certificate students in the clean room, learning with hands-on training in a real-world work setting.

Go to Microfabrication Cleanroom pages.
Check out the Scanning Electron Microscope.





Infographic on how to submit a grant timeline

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