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Discovery Hall Display Cases

An Opportunity to Showcase Your Work 

A picture of the discovery hall display cases

Discovery Hall Display Cases

Discovery hall is a resource for the entire campus and as such, we have an opportunity to highlight the many exciting, independent and class-based research, scholarship and creative activity projects that involve our faculty, staff and students by showcasing their work in the Discovery Hall display cases.


Area Description

  • Three 19"H x 63.5"W x 14"D display cases
  • Five wooden sides with a locked glass front and overhead lighting
  • Access to one electric outlet in each case

A picture of one discovery hall display case

Application Process

To have your display showcased, provide the following information in the body of an email or an email attachment to Dawn Moncalieri

  1. Project Title
  2. Project Description (not to exceed one page): This can include the inspiration for the work, concept, theme, project goals and objectives, results, future directions, scientist or artist's statement as well as a description of the displayed work, including materials and photographs
  3. Benefit of display to campus community
  4. Student, staff, and/or faculty participants
  5. Primary contact information
  6. Sketch or mock-up of the planned display (if possible)

A vetting committee will make selections 3 weeks before the end of the quarter and then work with the project teams right after exams each quarter to mount the displays. This process will repeat every quarter.


Additional Exhibit & Posting Information