Mission, Vision, and Goals


The Goodlad Institute promotes the rigorous, balanced, and equitable student learning on which our democratic society depends by supporting and studying continuous renewal in schools, the education of educators, and the communities on which both depend.


By developing examples, ideas, leaders, and networks that highlight the public democratic purposes of education, the Goodlad Institute aims to energize a new national conversation about what high-quality education meand in a democracy and how it can be achieved.


The center of our approach is a belief in the power of positive examples to spread ideas and shape strategy.

Goal 1: Leading by Example. To support and study examples of local educational renewal that achieve both the student learning necessary to a democracy and the civic processes that help sustain high-quality schools.

Goal 2: Fostering Innovation through Supportive Networks. To develop, facilitate, and study networks that stimulate and sustain local educational renewal.

Goal 3: National Influence: To foster a receptive national context for pursuing the public democratic purposes of education by providing information that supports, informs, and encourages collaboration among professional, policy, and civic leadership for school renewal.