Honoring John I. Goodlad


The John I. Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal honors the remarkable half-century career of John Goodlad and ensures that his work will continue. Perhaps best known for celebrating the central importance of education in a social and political democracy, Dr. Goodlad has been equally concerned with practical implementation, showing how actual school practices fall short of democratic ideals and then recommending how those gaps might be bridged. <<more


Schools have the critical responsibility to enculturate young people into our social and political democracy. They succeed only with constant educational renewal, both because each group of students brings new challenges and because social and politicals shifts create corresponding changes in priorities for learning. The needed renewal is neither simple nor easy; it requires simultaneous changes inside schools and the education of educators as well as active engagement by a caring public. The school-university partnerships in the National Network for Educational Renewal have led this renewal process for over two decades, testing and refining some of the most promising innovations in today's schools. The Institute for Educational Inquiry has studied the work of these partnerships from a critical stance, developing leaders and focusing attention on emerging challenges. I am very pleased that the new Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal will continue these efforts with an ongoing commitment to the work of renewing schools for education's public democratic purposes. John I. Goodlad, 2009