Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal

About Us

The Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal is sponsored jointly by UW Bothell, UW Tacoma, and UW Seattle College of Education and is located on the UW Bothell campus. School of Educational Studies Associate Professor, Dr. Carrie Tzou, is the current Institute direction. Professor Emeritus in the School of Educational Studies, Dr. Thomas Bellamy, is the Institute's founding director.

Formed in 2008, the Goodlad Institute grows out of and assumes responsibility for continuing and expanding over two decades of work by the Institute for Educational Inquiry (IEI).

Established and led by Dr. John Goodlad, Professor Emeritus in UW’s College of Education, the IEI long ago articulated an enduring vision of the democratic mission of public education in a democracy. It then has successfully pursued that agenda through an integrated strategy of coordinated local demonstrations, critical inquiry, leadership development, and professional communications.

Emeritus Professor John Goodlad, UW Bothell Chancellor Kenyon Chan, and Institute Director Tom Bellamy celebrate the launch of the Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal. Photo courtesy of Marc Studer, UW Bothell.

Based on the belief that educational excellence depends on ongoing local renewal, Dr. Goodlad established the National Network for Educational Renewal (NNER) in 1986 to contribute collegial support and national visibility to the simultaneous renewal of P-12 schools and the education of educators. The NNER has since grown to include 25 partnerships across North America, each connecting local P-12 schools with colleges of education and colleges of arts and sciences.

The Institute will continue the broad research program of the IEI and work collaboratively with the NNER on projects of national significance. It will focus its efforts on how PK-12 schools and universities can better realize the public democratic purposes of education, and will promote research, professional training and service.

By developing examples, ideas, leaders, and networks that highlight the public democratic purposes of education, the Goodlad Institute aims to energize a new national conversation about what high-quality education means in a democracy and how to achieve it.

Our Mission promote the rigorous, balanced, and equitable student learning on which our democratic society depends... >>more