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Join us for the Research in Progress series! 


Research in Progress Poster for Tuesday April 26

Coffee and snacks will be provided for each RIP event. More information can be found here.


Undergraduate Research

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*A complete list of  Undergraduate Research events, times and locations is available from the link below* 

Link to Upcoming Undergraduate Research Events


UW Bothell Professor, Kristina Hillesland, Gets Grant to Study Evolution in Microbes

Woodinville Weekly Article on Kristina can be read here:

a picture of Professor Hillsland

Kristian Hillesland is a UWB Assistant Professor in the Biological Sciences Division of the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


2015-2016 Undergraduate Research Scholarship Winners 

2016 UW Bothell  Mary Gates Scholars

Student Name


Project Title


Matthew Bihis

Electrical Engineering

Optimized Classification of Binary, Multi-class, and Regression Data Sets using a Generalized Flow

Dr. Sohini Chowhury

Kelsey Bolinger

Society, Ethics and Human Behavior

Representation of Race and Gender within People Magazine

Dr. Julie Shayne

Heather Hewitt

Health Studies

The African and Afro-Caribbean Women’s Health Study

Dr. Shauna Carlisle

Bonnie Johnson

Community Psychology

Crow Postural Behaviors and Vocalizations

Dr. Douglas Wacker

Alejandra Perez

Society, Ethics and Human Behavior

Decolonization through Student Activism: Documenting the Diversity Center Initiative at UW Bothell

Dr. Janelle Silva



Upcoming Events:

April 26th 4-5pm in LB1-205 "The Role of Social Networks in Creative and Learning Success," Denis Trapido, PhD

May 10th 4-5pm in LB1-205 "Interruptions: Exploring the Impact on Attention and Performance," Sophie Leroy, PhD

May 17th 4-5pm in LB1-205 "Asymmetric Information and Learning in Economics," Alejandro Francetich, PhD