Registration Tips

See Your Advisor Early

Advisors are often completely booked during Period I registration. If you need to confer with an advisor, make an appointment with your department advisor as soon as possible after the Time Schedule is available online.

Read the descriptions of courses in the on-line Course Catalog.

The prerequisites listed there are enforced; you can't register for a course unless you have the prerequisite completed or in progress.

Register on your priority day.

Your priority is determined by your class (freshman, sophomore, etc.), which is determined by the number of credits you've completed plus the number of credits you're currently enrolled in at the UW.

  • 0-44 credits = Freshman
  • 45-89 credits = Sophomore
  • 90-134 credits = Junior
  • 135+ credits = Senior

Your credit total is fixed two days before Period I begins. Course drops after that date, and credits posted after that date, don't affect your registration priority. Registration dates for upcoming quarters are in the online Academic Calendar.

Check to see if your courses are open before starting to register.

Before you start web registration, check the Time Schedule to make sure the sections you are requesting are open. Click on the schedule line number for the section you want. If that section is closed, open sections (if any) of the same course will be listed.

Be prepared with a list of alternates.

Make a list of alternate sections and classes before starting web registration. Plan your schedule out on a grid with all the days and times, so you can see where you have openings.

Take advantage of Graduating Senior Priority (GSP)

Students who are within two quarters of graduating and have filed a graduation application by the GSP deadline are eligible to register on the first day of Period I.

Keep your password secret

There have been cases of a student changing the course schedule of another student. Your password protects you only if you are careful to keep it secret.

Always completely exit the browser when you leave MyUW

If you don't completely exit the browser after using MyUW, another person can access your confidential information, including your grades, address, and class schedule. Another person can do anything you can do in MyUW---add and drop classes, change your address, etc. Always exit all open windows of the browser when you're done.

Learn how to read the registration restrictions in the Time Schedule

Students often misinterpret registration restrictions, or ignore them and are puzzled when the computer won't let them register for a course. Many restrictions apply to only certain periods of registration. For example, "seniors only PD I" means that the course is restricted to seniors in Period I (the registration period for continuing students)---but the course is open to others in Period II (when new students register) and Period III (the first week of the quarter), and the late-add period (the second and third weeks of the quarter). If the restriction is "seniors only," that means only seniors may register, at any time. Any exceptions require an entry code from the department.

Verify your class schedule

You can check your class schedule in MyUW. If you've dropped and/or added courses, ALWAYS check to make sure the transactions were processed. Just before the quarter begins, check your class schedule on MyUW. This will give you the latest information on any class cancellations, room changes, etc.

Keep registration fees to a minimum.

You are allowed to use web registration for free through the first week of the quarter. Starting the second week of the quarter, the fee to add or drop courses is $20 per day. If you have to change your schedule after the first week of the quarter, try to make all your changes on the same day so you will be charged only one $20 fee.