Business Administration

Computing and Software Systems

  • Computing and Software Systems (CSS)
  • Master of Computing and Software Systems (MCSS


Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

  • Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS)
  • Interdisciplinary Study Skills (BISSKL
  • American Studies (BISAMS)
  • Community Psychology (BISCP) (no classes offered this quarter -- see BIS)
  • Culture, Literature, and the Arts (BISCLA)
  • Environmental Science (BES) - Biology
  • Global Studies (BISGST) (no classes offered this quarter -- see BIS)
  • Interdisciplinary Arts (BISIA)
  • Media and Communication Studies (BISMCS)
  • Science, Technology, and Society (BISSTS)
  • Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior (BISSEB)
  • Master of Policy Studies (BPOLST)
  • Master of Cultural Studies (BCULST


Science and Technology

University Studies

  • Art (B ART) (no classes offered this quarter) 
  • Chinese (B CHIN)  
  • Spanish (B SPAN)
  • University Studies and Programs (BCUSP) - Discovery Core and first year electives and prerequisites 




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