Hardship Withdrawal

Hardship Withdrawal

Petition-Alert.JPGHardship withdrawal petitions may be submitted for dropping individual courses after the 14th calendar day of the quarter or after the drop deadline for A or B terms during summer quarter. 

You may petition the Registrar for a hardship withdrawal if you are unable to complete the course in question due to unusual or extenuating circumstances beyond your control that prevented you from dropping the course by the drop deadline.

Hardship Withdrawals will not be granted for course work that has already been applied to a completed degree.

Petitions must be submitted promptly.

If the petition is granted, a $20 change of registration fee will be assessed.


Ways to Apply

  • Print the Hardship Withdrawal Petition or pick up a copy at the Office of the Registrar, located at the Husky Hall Welcome Center. Please make sure your document is submitted as one PDF file.
  • Hardship Withdrawals based on a medical condition need to be submitted with a Health Care Provider Form.


Frequently Asked Questions

•Why would a Hardship Petition be denied?
•What is the appeal process for a denied Hardship Petition?
•If my Hardship Petition appeal was denied, can I re-petition?



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