Baccalaureate Level Requirements

Requirements for a Baccalaureate Degree

To graduate, a student must meet University requirements; college, school, or campus requirements; and department or program requirements. This section contains only University requirements. The graduation requirements for particular programs at the UW Bothell campus are explained in the catalog sections devoted to the academic programs.

Scholastic Standards Required

To be eligible for the baccalaureate degree, a student must earn a cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.00 for all work done in residence at the University. The graduation grade-point average is computed when the student has completed all work for the degree and includes only credits earned while in residence at the University.

Credits Required

To be eligible for graduation from the University, with the baccalaureate degree, a student must offer a minimum of 180 academic credits and satisfy all other specific requirements. The University of Washington Bothell has established minimum general education requirements for baccalaureate degrees. These minimum requirements are:

  • English Composition - 5 credits (A grade of 2.0 or higher is required)
  • Additional Writing - 10 credits
  • QSR - 5 credits
  • NW - 15 credits
  • VLPA - 15 credits
  • I & S - 15 credits 
  • DIV - 3 credits

Each University of Washington Bothell program has established requirements that meet or exceed these minimum requirements.

High School Duplication

If, after your admission to the UW, you start over again in the foreign language you took for two or more years in high school and used for admission, the first college quarter is considered a duplication and you are not awarded college credit. The course and grade will appear on your college transcript, but will not count toward your credit total or your GPA. You will receive credit for all language courses from the second quarter on.

Even when the first quarter of the language is considered high school duplication, the course is counted in your credit total when tuition is assessed, and is also counted for the purposes of quarterly financial aid, veterans benefits, or a student visa. (Note, however, that it will not count toward the 36 credits per year required by financial aid.)

Limitation on ROTC Credits

Credits earned in first- and second-year military training courses cannot be counted in the basic 180 credits required for graduation.

Limitations on Physical Education Activity Credits

No more than three physical education activity credits can apply toward a degree.

Final-year Residence Requirement

To be recommended for a first, or subsequent, baccalaureate degree, a student must complete 45 of his or her final 60 credits as a matriculated student in residence at the campus of the University where the degree is being earned. The granting of exceptions to this rule is the responsibility of the dean of the school, college, or campus awarding the degree. If an exception is granted, the student still must present a minimum of 45 credits taken in residence as a matriculated student to be awarded a UW degree.

Catalog for Graduation Requirements

In general, a student graduates under the requirements of the current catalog. However, a student may fulfill graduation requirements noted in the catalog in effect at the time he or she entered the school or college from which he or she is to graduate, provided that (1) not more than ten years have elapsed since the student's entry, and (2) the school, college or campus, and department or program agree that the student may graduate under the earlier requirements.

If the student graduates more than 10 years after enrolling in the school, college, or campus, the current catalog must be used for graduation purposes. Exceptions to this rule cannot be made without official University and Bothell campus approval.

Waiver of Graduation Requirements

A request for waiver of Bothell campus or University graduation requirements must be petitioned to the UW Bothell Academic Affairs Committee, which represents the General Faculty Organization at the University of Washington, Bothell. Petition forms are available at the Bothell Office of Student Affairs or the program office and should be filed with the application for the degree or as soon as possible after the need arises. A student should see his or her academic advisor to initiate a petition. As the Academic Affairs Committee meets only periodically, petitions involving University requirements should be filed early in the quarter.

An exemption from an all-University graduation requirement, that is granted by the Academic Affairs Committee, becomes void at the end of two calendar years from the date such exemption is granted, if all degree requirements have not been completed within that period.

Two Majors or Two Degrees

Second Baccalaureate Degree

A second baccalaureate degree may be granted, but a student must earn a minimum of 45 credits beyond the number required for the first degree. These credits usually must be earned in residence, with the granting of exceptions to the residency rule being the responsibility of the college, school, or campus awarding the degree. The student must achieve no less than a 2.00 cumulative grade-point average in the credits required for the second degree.

Students working for a second baccalaureate degree are not registered in the Graduate School, but in the academic division of the University, with jurisdiction over the degree being sought.

Degrees with Two Majors

The student's application for a baccalaureate degree, with two majors at the University of Washington Bothell, must show both majors and be approved by the academic advisors of both departments or programs. Both majors appear on the student's transcript.

Two Baccalaureate Degrees Concurrently

Two baccalaureate degrees, associated with different majors at the University of Washington Bothell, may be granted at the same time. The total number of academic credits earned must reach a minimum of 45 credits in excess of the number required for the first baccalaureate degree.