Welcome to the Intramural Activities announcement page. This is a resource for participants to view programmatic or  league changes in addition to upcoming events.

League Changes

Spring 2020

  • Due to UW Bothell closing for the duration of Spring quarter, the Intramurals team will be hosting online gaming leagues for the following video games: NBA 2K20, FIFA 20 and Madden 20. Visit IMLeagues to sign up today! Keep up to date with all of our spring activities by following us on Instagram, @uwbactive.

Team Max Roster

  • No more than double team minimum roster size will be allowed per team
  • For example: 5v5 basketball teams will be limited to a max roster size of 10 players

Playoff Rosters

  • No new players will be allowed in the playoffs after the 1st round matchups have occurred. Rosters are locked moving into the second round through the championship game.
  • Only exception is for rostered players that played at least 2 regular season games with the team

Sport League Rules

Flag Football

  • Starting Winter 2020, flags containing suction cups are PROHIBITED
  • 4v4 Flag Football halves will be 16 minutes long, not 12 minutes as originally stated. The clock will run continuously for the first 15 minutes and will stop in the last minute of each half.

6v6 Volleyball

  • Rule restricting soft taps or directional tipping at the net has been removed


  • Initial and post scoring kickoffs can go in any direction

General Information


  • League registration for Spring 2020 leagues will open on April 2nd for NBA 2K20, FIFA 20 & Madden 20. For more information please visit the IMLeagues webpage.

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