Welcome to the Intramural Activities announcement page. This is a resource for participants to view programmatic or  league changes in addition to upcoming events.

League Changes

Team Max Roster

  • No more than double team minimum roster size will be allowed per team
  • For example: 5v5 basketball teams will be limited to a max roster size of 10 players

Playoff Rosters

  • No new players will be allowed in the playoffs after the 1st round matchups have occurred. Rosters are locked moving into the second round through the championship game.
  • Only exception is for rostered players that played at least 2 regular season games with the team

Sport League Rules

6v6 Volleyball

  • Rule restricting soft taps or directional tipping at the net has been removed


  • Initial and post scoring kickoffs can go in any direction

General Information


  • League registration for Fall 2019 leagues will open on September 22 for 6v6 Volleyball and September 24th for 5v5 Basketball, 7v7 Flag Football & 7v7 Soccer. for more information please visit the IMLeagues webpage


  • Intramural Activities will be hiring for the Fall 2019 quarter. If you are interested please complete the Employment Form

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