Quantitative Skills Center

Center Expectations


In order for us to help students most efficiently and effectively here are a few things we expect of visitors to the center:

  1. Sign In
    List the class you're here for and what you need help with.
  2. Check The Schedule
    Tutors have different specialties and different shifts; not all subjects are covered during all QSC hours -- check the schedule online, in the Center, or next to the door.
  3. Peer Tutors
    While we are knowledgeable, we don't know everything. We don't guarantee grades, orthat we'll always be correct.
  4. Guide Your Learning
    We will help you work through concepts, suggest ways to approach or fix problems, and help improve your study skills. We will not do problems for you, or give you answers.
  5. Come Prepared
    Attend class, take notes, read the textbook, try the homework, etc...
  6. Improve Your Learning
    We will encourage you to work on your own after some assistance so that you can improve your learning, and so that others can receive help.
  7. Share The Tutors
    Since we're drop-in, tutors have to help all students; we appreciate your patience!
  8. Respect Each Other
    Students and tutors will treat each other with respect and kindness.
  9. Help Reduce Noise
    Silence your cell phone, take calls in the hall, and keep your voice at an indoor level to respect others' learning.
  10. Computer Use
    Computers are for quantitative use. Please do not play games on them, check your Facebook status, etc...
  11. Clean Up
    Please clean up after yourself before you leave.