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Online Tutoring On GoBoard Platform

*Coming Soon*

We recognize the need for students to recieve assistance remotely, espeically for hybrid and online courses. In order to provide the same support to distance learning students, we are piloting an online tutoring platform called GoBoard. We will offer the same support via GoBoard as we do in the Center, during the same hours and with the same tutors. (We are only funded to assist students enrolled at UW Bothell. If you are from a different institution, please see the suggestions on the bottom of our Tutoring Page). 

To Request Online Tutoring

  1. Call the QSC Front Desk at (425) 352-3170. We will need your name, phone number, uw email, student ID, and the details of the course for which you would like assistance (course name, number and instructor).
  2. Check your UW email for the link to the specific GoBoard Session that the greeter will set up for you.
  3. Paste the provided link into either Chrome or Firefox (GoBoard is not supported on any other browsers) to enter online tutoring session. If you intend to use LaTex, we recommend Firefox.
  4. Log in using your student Google account (or facebook if you prefer). You will have to allow GoBoard to access your account details to "know" who you are during the session.
  5. Make sure you can use your microphone and the Text Chat feature. You are not required to log in to use the Text Chat (even if it looks like it). You may close the prompt and still be able to chat.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the GoBoard tools before you request help from a tutor. You can watch a tutorial by going to the GoBoard site at: https://www.goboard.com/ and clicking on "Learn More." We also recommend that you check the QSC schedule to make sure we have a tutor available for your specific course. 

Online Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

We began piloting this platform at the start of Summer 2016, so we don't yet know what questions are being asked frequently! Please send us feedback (online anonymous comments or uwbqsc@uw.edu) to let us know what your questions are, what's working, and on what we can improve. Thanks!