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Tutoring Mission

We aim to help UW Bothell students develop skills and confidence with quantitative reasoning. 

Tutoring Model

We offer free, drop-in and online tutoring will be coming soon. We ask a lot of questions, work through examples and model the problem-solving process so that students understand the concepts related to their coursework.

What We Tutor

We provide assistance with any UW Bothell course that uses numbers, such as Math, Statistics, Business, Biological, Physical, or Environmental Science, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science. We also provide support for:

  • Other related quantitative subjects
  • Microsoft Excel, Matlab, SPSS, Access, calculators, or similar mathematical technology
  • Test preparation
  • Math and test anxiety

Our tutors specialize in courses offered at UW Bothell. If you have questions pertaining to a math course (or other courses containing math or quantitative issues) not offered at UW Bothell, and you are a UWB student, please feel free to call 425-352-3170 or e-mail uwbqsc@uw.edu to check if any of our tutors have experience with the course you need help with.

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Before You Come In

  • Can we help with your subject at a particular time? Check the subject schedule before dropping in to see if a tutor is available for your subject during your desired time.
  • Go to class, read the textbook, and try the problems. That way, you will be prepared to discuss concepts and explain exactly what part of your course content you want assistance with.
  • Please read through our Center Expectations to familiarize yourself with our standards of student behavior in the QSC.
  • Have a favorite tutor but don't get a name? You can find out who our QSC tutors are and what they specialize in on our Team Page.

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In The Center

  • Please sign in at the Kiosk Computer next to the Front Desk. This helps us with scheduling and defends our need for funding.
  • Settle anywhere! We have group tables, tables for two, computer stations and a quiet room.
  • When you are ready for a tutor's help, submit a Help Request on the tablet connected to your table.
    1. From the main queue page, tap “Request Help.”
    2. Select subject (required)
    3. Select sub-subject and/or desired tutor (optional)
    4. Click “Enter”
    5. Now you are in the queue! When the next tutor who can help with your subject becomes available, he or she will come to the table from which you requested help.
    6.You can check your status on the queue on the main page. If you have any questions about the electronic queue, please ask the Front Desk Coordinator to assist you. 
  • After assisting you with your conceptual question, the tutor will let you get back to working independently, until the next time you are in the queue. 

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Not a UW Bothell student?

We are only funded to support UW Bothell students. If you are not a UWB student, please the links below for information on alernate means of support:

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