Quantitative Skills Center

Statistics & Probability Schedule

Below is a list of the most common statistics and probability courses with which QSC tutors can assist.  Each course has a list of days and times of coverage, along with a list of possible tutors. Each tutor works different hours within the overall coverage hours. To see when a specific tutor is on shift, please see the time schedule, or the staff page.

BIS 215 Business Statistics

Day Times
Monday 11am - 3pm
Tuesday None
Wednesday 11am - 3pm
Thursday None
Firday 12pm - 3pm
Sunady None

Possible Tutors

  • Ben

STMATH 390 Probability and Statistics

Day Times
Monday 1pm - 5pm
Tuesday None
Wednesday 9am - 1pm
Thursday 9am - 1pm
Friday None
Sunday None

Possible Tutors

  • Baoming​

BIS 315 Understanding Statistics (NO COVERAGE FALL 2018)


STMATH 341 Statistical Inference (NO COVERAGE FALL 2018)