Quantitative Skills Center


Introductory Excel

The interactive worksheet below will provide an introduction to MS Excel including some setup and using icons, toolbars, and shortcuts. Participants will learn to use Excel functions with an emphasis on those needed for data analysis.

Interactive Worksheet

Written Instructions

Video Instructions:

Section 1: Paste, Fill, Insert, Replace

Section 2: Sort, Descriptive Statistics (Average, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, etc...)

Section 3: Graphing

Section 4: Pivot Tables

Intermediate Excel

The interactive worksheet below will build on the introduction to Excel worksheet, or your own previous experience with Excel. Topics include customizing Excel, shortcuts, macros and the solver.

Interactive Worksheet

Sample Data

Check out these websites for additional Excel help!

Excel 2013 Tutorials - Includes links to videos of getting started with Excel 2013

Excel 2010 Tutorials - Includes links to videos of getting started with Excel 2010

Excel 2007: Use for Analysis of Economics Data A collection of handouts assuming no knowledge of Excel and relatively little knowledge of statistics

Excel Easy for 2010 or 2007: An illustrated tutorial that starts from the beginning for those with no knowledge of Excel.

DON'T FORGET- You can always stop by the Quantitative Skills Center to get some in-person help and resources.