Bloomberg L.P. is the leading financial data and news provider. Access to Bloomberg is no longer available in the QSC due to a lack of funding.

Navigating Bloomberg

While we do not offer tutoring services for Bloomberg, here are a few resources to get you started:

Foster Business Library Bloomberg Guide

YouTube Bloomberg Tutorials

Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT)

The BAT is a multiple choice test that evaluates your abilities as relative to a career in finance and then helps you to anonymously market yourself to over 20,000 employers via the Bloomberg Talent Search. All questions on the BAT evaluate aptitude rather than knowledge so you do not have to have a background in Finance in order to do well on the test.

Employers using the Talent Search are seeking a wide range of skill sets and experience for a variety of roles, including roles in Consultancy, Accounting, Insurance, Compliance, Research and Development, Investment Banking, Sales, HR, Trading, Marketing, Analytics and Global Data.