Study Tips

Looking for ways to be more successful in your classes?

How to Learn Math. A free, self-paced online course for learners of all levels of math to make learning math more effective. Each of the 6 sessions is approximately 20 minutes. You can also check out YouCubed: a website created by the same instructor that aims to inspire math success for all students through growth mindsets and innovative teaching.

Videos from the Rutgers Learning Center focused on learning math, math anxiety, and general study skills.

Another website for a variety of study strategies called How to Study Effectively.

Information from UW Bothell's Learning Technologies website on: general studying tips, setting goals, time management, group work, useful apps, and online and hybrid learning. Additional information about online learning can also be found on their website.

Take advantage of other UW Bothell resources: the Writing and Communication Center, the Library, and Information Technologies.