Front Desk Coordinator Position

Are you friendly? Do you like to help out?

The Front Desk Coordinators are often the first person a new student meets when they come to the QSC. Therefore, Coordinators need to welcome clients into the Center, and maintain a positive, upbeat attitude, to help students feel comfortable and get the help they need. Additionally, Coordinators are expected to:

  • Assist clients with sign-in procedures
  • Manage, and explain to clients, the process of receiving assistance from a tutor
  • Manage the resource checkout system
  • Attend trainings
  • Respond to inquiries regarding the Quantitative Skills Center services and workshops
  • Operate office equipment, such as the phone, computer/word processor, and printers/copiers
  • Perform related duties as required.

We are reviewing resumes at this time and are not currently hiring. Please check back to see when we reopen applications!