Quantitative Skills Center

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Apply to the Quantitative Skills Center for a great on-campus job! The QSC continuously accepts applications, so if we don't have any openings immediately, we will hold onto your application and contact you when a position becomes available. Currently, we are accepting applications from students for autumn quarter TUTOR POSITIONS. The application to FRONT DESK COORDINATOR is currently closed.


CSS Tutor

Front Desk Coordinator


Currently, we can only hire University of Washington students. Applications for specific positions can be found on the page for each position. We also require that you familiarize yourself with the purpose of the QSC via the website.


The Career Center can assist you with building or improving a resume, going through mock interviews to practice your skills, and more!

Quotes from Employees

From Tutors:

"Working in the QSC is an amazing experience combined with learning, tutoring, and having fun doing math. Everyone here loves their job."

"Working at the QSC is awesome! Every day you get to help people while strengthening your own academic skills."

"All the staff are really nice and supportive of each other."

"The great thing about working in the QSC is that you get satisfaction from seeing a student doing well or mastering the concept."

"You don't really know something until you can teach it to someone else."
- Igor

"I love being surrounded by peers who share my love of math, science, and technology."

"The best form of studying and remembering comes from helping others."

"It's great to share our knowledge while getting to know the students during our tutoring session."

"The QSC is a great place to work. We get to be more involved in the UWB community."

"You're surrounded by people who are as eager to learn as you are."

"Working in the QSC has enabled me to tutor students with various learning styles. As a future educator, this has been an invaluable experience."

"Getting to work with a diverse group of people who enjoy helping others is very enriching."

"Working in the QSC has been an experience that has helped me become a better person. Not only did I make connections with awesome staff, but I have learned a lot about what it is to be a tutor."

"Working as a QSC tutor has been a great opportunity. I enjoy helping students and seeing happiness on their faces when they understand concepts."

"Working at the QSC is a great experience since it builds a strong foundation to better prepare me for my major. This, while having great fun in an awesome work environment."
- Amit

From Coordinators:

"Working here makes me feel more involved with UWB."

"Tutors are always enthusiastic and can't wait to help."

"You meet everyone: your friends, your classmates, and even your professors."

"As a coordinator, I really enjoy meeting new people everyday."