Policies and Guidelines

Publications Review

Information on publications review

All printed materials (not correspondence) going to current or prospective students and/or the community must receive a pre-publication review by one of UW Bothell's Public Relations and Communications staff members, who have specific professional responsibility for maintaining campus standards for publications.

Before sending items such as fliers, newsletters, invitations or posters to be printed or distributed, you must bring them to the Office of Public Relations and Communications (UW1-281) for review.

We will make every effort to provide a quick turnaround for such materials, but we are also here to make sure that the campus presents itself in the most professional and appropriate way.

Therefore, we may edit the wording for a variety of reasons (for clarity, for conformity to campus publications style, or to make sure you achieve the result that you want). We will check to see that a UW Bothell logo is present and properly used, and we may recommend adding language on disability accommodations or other standard disclaimers.

Sometimes, we are able to approve items with no changes at all. More often, we find some minor edits or design enhancements are necessary.


Lisa Hall, Director of Media Relations & Communications