Public Relations & Communications services

The Office of Public Relations & Communications (PRC) offers members of the UW Bothell community a variety of services including web design, graphic design, editing, printing and publication support.

Project Requests

In order to accommodate requests in a timely manner, clients must complete a project request form with detailed information, and submit supporting documents, including text and photos, as soon as possible.

Print Project Request

If you answer YES to ALL of the questions below, submit your request! If you answered NO to ANY of the questions please comeback and submit when you can answer YES to all.

  1. Am I submitting my request too early? Please submit jobs no further than 6 weeks out from desired due date. All jobs have a turnaround time of 4 weeks from the start date NOT date of submission. Submitting months in advance does not guarantee timely completion.
  2. Is all my text or edits in final form and ready for submission?*
  3. If I'm going to submit images or graphics are they in high resolution or vector?
  4. Do I understand that the minimum turnaround for all requests is 4 weeks from the start date and NOT from the date of submission?

If your project is simple and doesn't require custom design, check out our UW Bothell brand page for templates, fonts, logos and more that you can edit yourself!

Submit a print project request.

Website Project Request

Any Kentico website changes such as a request for a new website, restructuring site navigation, page content redesigns, requesting Trumba events to be added to your page, and more. The majority of requests received come through this form. Typical turn-around time varies per request and current project load. Please inform us of any deadlines.
Submit a Website Request

Working on Print Publications

When working with the Office of Public Relations & Communications on printed graphic design projects, please note that our average turnaround time is four weeks. Please take this into consideration when determining whether or not you will create your own print publications or work with our designer.

If you create your own print publications, consider:



Publications Re​view

  • Bring your finished publication to the Office of Public Relations & Communications for a Publications Review prior to print

When working with PRC on print publications, you are advised to:

Gather your content

When writing your messages, keep your content simple and to the point. Consider the following when crafting your messages: who, what, when, where, and why (how-if applicable). Review the editorial style guide and UW terminology.

Determine how to present your content

For example, do you need a brochure, a flyer, a postcard? Do you have a certain style in mind? Will you be mailing your piece? What quantities will you need? Do you have a sample of what you desire? (Some may have a stronger vision in mind than others.)

Review & edit content

Review your content and have it edited and approved by whomever in your unit needs to provide approval. Once your content is proofed and edited and your vision is clearly communicable, you are ready to begin working with PRC.

Complete the project requ​est form

Enter in all of the requested information in the project request form and send your attachments via email to

Record your project request number

Your project number will be forwarded to you upon processing of your request. Keep this number handy as it will be used to reference this project and may be used again in the future for reorders.

Attend a pre-design meeting with the graphic designer

The designer will contact you in a timely manner to schedule a pre-design meeting. Come to the meeting prepared to review your content and design ideas. At this point you may also elect to help in the selection of photos and review sample ideas by the designer. During this meeting, you and the graphic designer will also discuss a timeline for your project.

Keep deadlines

Hold fast to deadlines and work quickly to ensure that the project stays on track. Obtain final approval from any persons who need to provide final approval. An average project timeline will work as follows:

  1. Initial pre-design meeting
  2. Pre-publications review by PRC staff:  ASAP (usually done by graphic designer in pre-design meeting)
  3. First proof to client:  Within 5 days
  4. First proof due back to designer:  Within 3 days
  5. Second proof due back to client:  ASAP
  6. Second proof due back to designer:  Within 3 days
  7. Third and final proof to client:  ASAP
  8. Third and final proof due back to designer:  Within3 days
  9. Publications review by PRC staff:  ASAP
  10. Packaging of design and supplemental materials, bidding and selection of printer, printing of publication and delivery to desired delivery site:  Within 10 days

Because of increasing demands for project requests, PRC must keep an aggressive project timeline in order to accommodate as many requests as possible. In order to ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner, is free of errors, is a positive reflection of your unit/department, and complies with campus-wide publications standards, it is essential that a lot of planning is put into each project by the units/departments. This extra planning allows for a positive experience that ensures that you will receive the desired result you are seeking.

Working on Website projects

Because Web projects must be designed within UW Bothell's Content Management System (CMS), the estimated time for completion can vary widely depending on tools that have already been developed in the CMS.

As project requests are received, the designer will work with you to determine an appropriate schedule for the project's completion.

Web Content Guidelines

Each department manages all of its own website content. Use the Web content guidelines to help ensure that your site's content meets UW Bothell's quality standards.

High Volume Periods

While we are pleased to offer our services to members of the UW Bothell community, at times requests may exceed resources.

For printed publications, we will direct clients to work with UW Creative + Communications (formerly Publication Services) who may be able to better process the request. Please know that there are different fees for services offered by UW Publication Services which must be covered by clients who choose to work with them. (Note: Publication reviews must still be conducted even if client works with UW Publication Services.)

For Web projects, the client will work with the  AER Web Team to establish an agreeable solution.