Autobiography: Media Storytelling

B CUSP 120 A : DCIII Autobiography: Media Storytelling

Instructor: Robin Oppenheimer

This course explores the cultural and technological issues, ideas, and creative practices around diverse media forms of autobiography found in experimental film, video art, documentary, and, more recently, social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Works by media artists are viewed and analyzed to reveal a wide range of styles and approaches to telling a person’s life story through digital images, sounds, and texts. Students will also read literary and media autobiography theorists as they learn to create written and/or short media forms for their portfolios based on a personal journal. They will integrate their CUSP writings and autobiographical creations into a final class presentation and their DCIII e-portfolio.

Chris Hart Hansen : Coming to Seattle from Denmark, “Take the Risk”

Kenneth Do : Overcoming a traumatic childhood to become a UW Bothell student