Digital Thinking

Animation, Video Games, and the Social Web

BCUSP 110 C - Digital Thinking
Instructor : Kelvin Sung

Please click on the link above to see some of the games programmed by 1st quarter First Year students who (mostly) had zero programming background before they come to our campus. These are one weekend assignments.

You have to click on each picture to run the corresponding applet, please allow your browser to run the applet, and when in doubt, click inside the image for something to happen, or try type on your keyboard (e.g., “ “ (space bar), or “a”, “b”, “c”, “d” … , or “w”, “s”, “a”, “d”).

- Kelvin Sung

Instructor: Kelvin Sung, Ph.D

Students make a video-story telling for their final project. These videos highlight their school activities from the beginning of the quarter to the end. Students started off without experience, then built up with basic animation exercises, and became more advanced with digital art and gaming.