Clamor: Student Artwork

UW Bothell students' artworks featured in 2012 Clamor

Congrats to CUSP Students: Aja Utsugi, and Logan Compau for having their work chosen to be included into Clamor!

Each year the Clamor Editorial Board selects submissions from across creative disciplines, including works in literary, visual, and media format. This year, Aja Utsugi’s piece of the Gaswork Arches and Logan Compau’s pieces: Authors, Another Adventure, and A Night with Andrea Gibson were chosen and published in Clamor.

A tunnel with a bike at the end

Gaswork Arches by Aja Utsugi
"I'm a photographer, purely as
a hobby but I enjoy it quite a lot."

Bottom structure of a bridge

Another Adventure by Logan Compau
"I'm no poet, but I do enjoy creating new
ways to say things I care about..."