A Guide to Your First Year at UW Bothell

Week 4 - Midterms




  • February 17 – President’s Day – NO CLASSES
  • February 23 – deadline for changing course grading option to S/NS, possible $20 fee
  • February 23 – deadline for using an Annual Drop (if not already used during autumn quarter), possible $20 fee
  • February 27-28 – Spring quarter registration for first year students begins (check your MyUW for your specific day of registration)

You’ve probably noticed college classes move at a fast pace. Midterms are almost here so let’s get ready!

Preparing for Midterms:

Check your course syllabi for midterm dates. The syllabi may also include information on the content of the midterm.

Check your class notes and/or midterm study guides (sometimes provided by professors) Do you understand all of the content? Is anything missing? If anything is unclear, talk to your professor during class or office hours. They are here to help.

Give yourself ample time to study. 10-15 hours per week is recommended for a 5-credit course.

Use Your Resources

You are responsible for your education, but you don’t have to do it alone. Be proactive and use the resources available to you.

Writing and Communication Center

Quantitative Skills Center

Try not to cram the night before.

Study a little bit every day for better memory recall!

Don’t forget to team up with your classmates for study sessions. You can learn from each other and you will probably meet some great people.

If you have questions you don’t see on here, feel free to stop in at our Quick Questions Drop-In Advising. We’re in the Student Success Center (UW1-160) 10:00am to 4:00pm Monday-Thursday.

You can also reach us through email or by phone:

(425) 352-3427