First Year & Pre-Major Program (FYPP)

DCX Courses

Autumn DCX (Required) 

A required course for all first year and pre-major students, the Autumn DCX will help students transition into UWB; develop skills in writing and communication, information literacy, quantitative literacy and academic integrity; and foster connections across academic disciplines and between the classroom and wider world. 

  • Recent class titles include: Philosophical Explorations of Science Fiction; The Art and Politics of Walking; Dead Things and the Art of Fear; Cooking, Community, and Communication; Music & Philosophy; and Zika and Other Viral Epidemics.
  • Credits: 5-credits

Winter & Spring DCX

The Winter and Spring DCX courses continue the work begun in the Autumn DCX by challenging students to more-deeply explore areas of personal interest. While Winter DCX (focusing on research and collaboration skills) and Spring DCX (focusing on reflective practices) courses are not required, they count toward the general education requirements for graduation.

  • Recent class titles include: The Science and Medicine of Harry Potter; Disability Representation in Society; All Things…Crows; The Legal Case: Making Evidence Persuasive, Democracy, Politics, and Freedom; Chronic Toxicity and Health; Women’s Empowerment, and The Art of the Myth.
  • Credits: 5-credits

DCX Connections

The DCX Extensions courses can operate as further explorations of lower-division, prerequisite courses; or as stand-alone courses meant to foster reflection, engagement, or preparation. These courses are designed for pre-major students any time in their first two years at UWB.

DCX Explore:

These courses can be stand-alone or additions to common lower-division, prerequisite courses. These courses provide more in-depth and/or experiential work than standard introductory courses with a focus on a pre-major cohort. Content might focus on the history or keystone developments in the field, current research and developments in the field, a common book or community event, or guest speakers focused on a given topic. 

Credits: 2-credits

DCX Reflect, Engage, Prepare:

These stand-alone courses guide students to learn more about career competencies in their area of interest through interaction with community, alumni, and/or campus connections. Students will learn tools and practices that help them to define goals and assess their skill development through reflection on their work. 

Credits: 2-credits