Words, Voice, Movement: Reimagining Performance

Discovery Core Experience: VLPA Course

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60-Second Syllabus: Words, Voice, Movement: Reimagining PerformanceVisual and Literary Arts Icon

About This Course: 

In Words, Voice, Movement we will work both individually and collectively to create original performances in a supportive and interactive classroom community, and in our greater Seattle area community. This introduction to performance and creative writing will allow you to find a deeper connection to your own words and the words of others, develop your artistic voice, and use movement and physicality to convey ideas. Through active participation in in-class writing, acting, and movement exercises, you will develop skills for devising performance projects and creating original compositions. Our learning experience will also include intergenerational arts workshops with Edmonds Center for the Arts and Silver Kite Community Arts. We hope to explore what it means to be a part of the community through intergenerational relationships and learn about the connection between the arts and memory loss. We will collectively focus on the theme of “new beginnings.” My hope is that you will leave this course with a greater capacity for self-expression and connection to others.

Professor Deborah Hathaway (She/Her/Hers)

Headshot of Deborah HathawayAbout Professor Hathaway: 

  • B.A. Theatre, Musical Theatre, University of Southern California
  • M.A. Educational Theatre in Colleges and Communities, New York University



"I believe the skills we learn in theater can be directly applied to all aspects of life outside the classroom and the stage.  Even if the final career goal is not one in theater, I challenge each student to find his or her own meaningful connection to the work." -Professor Hathaway