First Year and Pre-Major Program (FYPP)

Majors and Minors

While you are in college, you must answer one big question. What do I want to major in? A major is a field of academic inquiry, and a subject you will study in depth. Your selection of a major should be based simply on your own curiosity. What most interests you? What subject is most fun to study?

Minors offer you a way to explore a department or interdisciplinary theme with less commitment of time than a major. Where a major requires at least 50 credits, most minors require only 25 to 35 credits.

Because the courses in your minor can also count toward general education requirements, if you plan carefully you may be able to complete one or two minors within the 180 credits required for your degree.

Minors are optional. You may complete as many as three minors per degree, or none at all.

A list of UW Bothell majors and minors can be found here.

You are also allowed to combine your major with one or more minors from other UW campuses. You can find a list of other UW minors available to you here.