Course Repeat Petition

Students who are taking an (FYPP) course for the third time will need to petition the department to be allowed to repeat a course a third time. This includes (BCORE, BCUSP, BJAPN, BLEAD, BSPAN or BWRIT). If a student attempts to register for a course for the third time the registration system responds with a message that says the course has been previously repeated and the student is not eligible.

How to apply:

Students will need to fill out the link below to the Undergraduate Learning Petition committee. If the course is not an undergraduate learning (FYPP) course then the student will submit the pdf petition to the department that is responsible for that class. Please feel free to connect with a Pre-Major advisor if you have questions about where you should submit the petition. You can email us at

Where to apply:

Please use the link.

Next steps:

The Petition committee meets every other week through the 5th week of quarter and then the committee will meet every week until the end of the quarter. The committee will respond to your petition via your UWemail within two weeks of receiving it. The committee meets throughout the academic year except during holidays and winter and spring breaks.