Pre-Health Advising

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists work with individuals with movement or mobility problems in order to prevent, restore or resolve the dysfunctional condition. They find work in hospitals, private clinics, public schools, health maintenance organizations, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and home health agencies. In order to become physical therapist, students complete a Doctor of Physical Therapy program (DPT). Preparing yourself to apply to the physical therapy program of your choice involves completing a bachelor’s degree, taking the necessary prerequisites required by DPT programs, getting good grades in all of your courses, gaining experience in the field (through work, volunteering, and shadowing), and taking the GRE. Many DPT programs require extensive observational exposure to physical therapists working in a broad variety of PT settings with different types of patients. Begin early.

What should I major in?

As a pre-PT student, you can major in anything. There is not a specific major that all pre-PT students must have. DPT programs do care that you do well in your major and your pre-PT coursework. Think about what interests you and what might be a good alternative option to physical therapy should your plans change. Visit the Career Center at UW Bothell if you need help with major section.