Pre-Health Advising

Steps To Apply

Students apply a full year in advance of starting medical school, which typically begins in the fall.  Below are the steps:


Take the MCAT entrance exam once all prerequisite courses are completed. Most students take this exam during the spring/summer of the year prior to their intended start date. Current cost to take this entrance exam is $305.


Primary Application

Submit the primary application depending on the type of medical school you wish to attend.

  • AMCAS (Allopathic schools) - The processing fee for the AAMCAS is $160 and includes one medical school designation.  Additional schools are $38 each. 
  • AACOMAS (Osteopathic schools) - The fee for applying to one school is $195 and each additional school is $35. 

Secondary Applications

If a school is interested in you after reviewing your primary application, they will invite you to submit a secondary applications that are specific to that school. Secondary applications usually include more essays and an application fee for the school. You should plan to submit the secondary application as soon as possible to secure an interview.  


Most admission committees require letters of recommendations. The UW School of Medicine requires a minimum of 3 letters from individuals who can speak about characteristics such as your academic ability, interpersonal skills, clinical or research experiences, etc.  Letters must be submitted through the AMCAS Letters of Evaluation/Recommendation service.  Students are also advised to check with each of their chosen schools to determine specific information that should be included.  For more information, see Letters of Recommendation.


Most medical schools will conduct interviews starting in the fall and going through the spring.  Students are advised to prepare for their interviews by meeting with a Career Counselor in Career Services and conducting a mock interview.  Students should also become familiar with the type of questions that may be asked during their interview.  For more information, see these samples of interview questions: sample 1, sample 2.