Pre-Health Advising


What is Pre-Med?

Pre-med is not a major. Rather, it is a course of study aimed at preparing you for medical school. There are prerequisite courses required for every medical school that you will be taking in conjunction with your degree and university graduation requirements. However, being pre-med isn’t just about taking the right courses. Pre-med students must also gain the necessary experience that each medical school looks for. This includes extra-curricular activities, shadowing physicians and/or other health care professionals, and preparing for and taking the MCAT.

Types of Medical Practice

There are three different types of medical practice to consider:

What should I major in?

As a pre-med student, you can major in anything. There is no specific major that all pre-med students must have. Many pre-med students choose to major in biology, but medical schools only care that you do well in your major and in your pre-med coursework. Think about what interests you and what might be a good alternative option to medical school should your plans change. Visit the Career Center at UW Bothell if you need help with major selection.