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Exploratory Courses

Autumn 2022 Course Offerings

Consider these courses when building your schedule to further explore health and healthcare as a field of study and vocation.

Autumn 2022 courses that explore health and healthcare:

List of Autumn 2022 B HLTH Electives - B HLTH 197, B HLTH 297A, B HLTH 297B - For questions, contact the School of Nursing & Health Studies at

Course SLN Course Title Days/Times Description/Link
BHS 201 - B 11346 Intro to Public Health T 8:45-10:45am
B HLTH 197 11150 Images of Wellness in the Media with Diana Neal T 1:15-3:15

This course examines how contemporary culture influences present day wellness perspectives. Students in this course will explore how values, lifestyles, health behaviors, daily stresses, and corresponding coping mechanisms affect one's wellbeing. Additionally, an investigation of wellness from the perspective of non-western cultures is also included. This is an in-person discussion-based course, with the incorporation of various media including films and TED Talks; in-person class sessions will be held in a large classroom with flexible seating arrangements so that students can form small groups and interact with each other.

B HLTH 297 11152 Disparities in Health & Healthcare in the US with Dr. Chiyoung Lee T 11:00-1:00

An introduction to health and healthcare disparities that draws upon an interdisciplinary body of scientific literature to evaluate perspectives and evidence on the distribution, causes, and consequences of inequalities in the United States.
B HLTH 297 11153 Botanical Medicine, Art, & Well-Being with Dr. Sunita Iyer F 8:45-1:00

In this course, students will learn about herbs and plants that have historically been used for mental emotional influence and well-being over the year and in different cultures. As part of students' learning, this course will incorporate visual art and optional field trips

Consult with your Academic Advisor when registering for courses to ensure your progress toward the completion of degree requirements.