Below are the proposed Policy Studies graduate courses. This schedule is subject to change. Consult the time schedule for the most up-to-date information.

2017 - 2018 Schedule

Winter Quarter 2018

Required Courses

BPOLST 502 Policy Statistics (Year 1)
Shauna Carlisle, Th 5:45-10:00 PM

BPOLST 513 Practicum (Year 1)
Charlie Collins, T 5:45-10:00 pm

BPOLST 509 Proseminar (Year 1)
Bruce Kochis, W 5:45-7:45 pm  on 1/10, 1/24, 2/7, 2/21

BPOLST 506 Capstone Research (Year 2)
By arrangement

Elective Courses  (Year 2)

BPOLST 593A Topics in Policy Studies: Urban Planning and Geography (5 credits)
Jin-Kyu Jung
W 5:45-10:00 pm

The goal of this course is to fire students’ interest in “cities” from the perspective of urban planning and urban geography. On the one hand, this course will explore what it means to be “urban” historically and in the 21st century with a broad range of urban geographic and planning concepts. We will look at key urban geographic concepts such as urban system, urban form, urban ecology, and urbanism, and contemporary urban issues such as public housing, gentrification, and racial and spatial restructuring. On the other hand, we will explore the purpose, practice, and theories of contemporary “urban planning” as an interdisciplinary field of study and practice. We will learn fairly well-established planning paradigms (e.g. Chicago School’s urban ecology) followed by a number of relatively new planning approaches (e.g. New Urbanism) that redefine earlier planning concepts or call them into question all together. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to understand urban planning and geography ‘theory’ as a form of planning ‘practice’ (and vice versa).

BPOLST 583 Conservation and Sustainable Development (5 credits)
Martha Groom
M 5:45-10:00 pm

Rapid, wide-scale change to ecosystems worldwide has led to crises for humans, wildlife, and wildlands. This course explores underlying drivers of both negative and positive change, while focusing primarily on the merits and problems caused by differing development and conservation strategies pursued in sites across the globe. The current climate crises has intensified the need for more sustainable modes of development. Our goal is to explore possible pathways of change that could lead to better outcomes for all, highlighting roles that policy processes can play.

Autumn Quarter 2017

Required Courses

BPOLST 510 Statistics Fundamentals for Policy Studies (Year 1)
Early Fall Course, Day and Time TBD, Carlisle

BPOLST 511 Policy Process and Analysis (Year 1)
T 5:45 - 10 pm, Walsh

BPOLST 509 Pro-seminar (Year 1)
Th 5:45 - 7:15 pm, Class meets: 9/28, 10/12, 10/26, 11/9, 11/30, Kochis

BPOLST 504 Management and Organizations (Year 2)
Th 5:45 - 10 pm, Nitta

Elective Courses

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BPOLST 571 Policy Ethics
W 5:45 - 10 pm, Kochis

The purpose of this course is to examine the complex relationships between
policy and ethics. These relationships are grounded in moral and political
theories about the behavior of state and non-state actors in the public
sphere, especially in collective action problems, and exhibiting themselves
in formal and informal standards, rules, and institutions, including rights,
property, and authority. Policy ethics is a relevant component of all policy
work -- research, analysis, implementation, reporting, and teaching. In
addition, the intensified process of globalization has opened up arenas of
policy ethics that cut across global and local contexts.

BPOLST 594 Research Design (Year 2 strongly recommended)
M 5:45 - 10 pm, Twinam

This course provides grounding in research designs, such as experimental, longitudinal, cross-sectional, case-study, and action research design. Helps professionals design and evaluate research proposals and be astute consumers of puclished research. Students develop research proposals that can be submitted for institutional review at UW. 

BPOLST 598 Directed Research
Meetings and faculty to be arranged

BPOLST 520 Policy Internship
Prerequisites: Policy Process; Statistics for Policy Studies
Meetings and faculty to be arranged

BPOLST 508 Capstone Project 
Meetings and faculty to be arranged

* Students are also encouraged to seek interdisciplinary elective courses from Cultural Studies.
** This schedule is subject to change.

Outside Courses

Students wishing to receive elective credit for courses taken in other departments (either at UW Bothell or UW Seattle) must fill out a Request for Outside Coursework form and obtain faculty approval.