Capstone Project Checklist

Year One



Attend Capstone Preparation Meeting in BPOLST 503. Begin considering possible areas of inquiry for your Capstone project.

Spring Quarter

Consider your options, confer with individual professors, and submit a Capstone Pre-Proposal and Advisor Nomination form for your intended project. Advisors will be announced in late Spring Quarter.

Mid-Spring Quarter (check calendar)

Meet with your assigned Capstone Advisor to develop a plan for the summer. Determine whether your project will involve Human Subjects review, identify methodology, and define the scope of study.

Spring Quarter

Register for Autumn Quarter - we strongly encourage you to take BPOLST 594 Research Design for your elective Spring Quarter

Consider conducting directed research and/or an internship if faculty advisors are available.



Year Two



Check in with your Capstone Advisor

 Early Autumn Quarter

Complete and submit Capstone proposal to IAS Graduate Office.

By end of Autumn Quarter

Register for BPOLST 506 Capstone Research (The Graduate Office will send you your Capstone Advisor faculty code on submission of Capstone Proposal and advisor approval). The suggested meeting frequency with your Capstone Advisor is once every two weeks.

By end of Autumn Quarter

Data Collection (pending Human Subjects approval, if applicable to project).

Winter Quarter

Register for BPOLST 508 Capstone Project (Requires Capstone Advisor faculty code from upon successful completion of 506).

Prior to start of Spring Quarter

Check in with your Capstone Advisor

Early Spring Quarter

Request the Master's degree

Spring Quarter, (check calendar for due date)

Policy Studies Graduate Research Conference – Final presentation of Capstone project. Note that previous conferences have occurred during the day on a weekday.

Spring Quarter , May - exact date TBD

Print out and sign the Non-exclusive Distribution License, and submit it to the IAS Graduate Office. Scanned versions of the signed document will be accepted via email. Upload your final Capstone manuscript in pdf format (Adobe Acrobat) to the Policy Studies drop box.

Spring Quarter (check calendar for due dates)