MA in Policy Studies alumni work in a variety of policy settings, including public agencies, advocacy, research, nonprofit leadership, and corporations. Read what some of our graduates have to say about their experience in the program and the ways in which it influences their work.

Jason Malinowski, '13

Jason MalinowskiSeattle City Employees' Retirement System,
Chief Investment Officer

Jason Malinowski graduated from New York University with a BA in Economics and Mathematics and minor in Politics.  While a student, he gravitated toward coursework in economic policy and held internships within the public sector.  Jason also gained experience in the financial industry and began a career in investment management where he remained for 10+ years.  In this realm, Jason developed skills and expertise in quantitative research, financial modeling, and risk management.  His work provided tremendous opportunity to distill vast quantities of data into thoughtful analysis, and while he was successful in this realm, Jason’s core interests and values were unmet.  A transition into the public sector was on the horizon, and Jason knew that such a shift would require greater knowledge of the policy process and deeper research skills.

Jason chose the Policy Studies program for its focus on research and analysis and the evening class schedule.  Through the program, he gained experience with evidenced-based research, budgeting, and leadership and collaboration, all key areas for public service.  In his current role as Chief Investment Officer for the Seattle City Employees' Retirement System, Jason manages the investment portfolio of a defined benefit pension plan for approximately 5,000 retirees and 10,000 employees and stewards over $2 billion in assets.  He appreciates the collaborative and transparent nature of his work and is proud to serve his community in this way.

Shawn Miller, '10

Shawn Miller
Director of Enrollment Services,
Cacadia Community College

As Director of Enrollment Services at Cascadia Community College, Shawn Miller serves as an intermediary between legislators, students, and other stakeholders. Supervising a department which serves more than 5,000 students, Shawn influences and implements policies that contribute to student recruitment initiatives and retention strategies.

Shawn’s career in higher education was not planned. In fact, he had not considered attending college until his senior year in high school when he realized that a college education could provide greater opportunities in life. Shawn enrolled in Central Washington University (CWU) and became the first person in his family to earn a Bachelor’s degree. During his years as a undergraduate, he developed a deep appreciation for higher education and a commitment to help students succeed. Sean left CWU to pursue various administrative and leadership roles at Skagit Valley College, Shoreline Community College, and Lake Washington Technical College, and recently joined Cascadia Community College to manage enrollment services.

Along the way, Shawn chose to pursue an advanced degree in Policy Studies to develop the skills and abilities necessary to more deeply influence the policy-making process. Shawn’s graduate training has enabled him to more effectively participate as an advocate for greater access to higher education opportunities.

Mary Houston, '10

Mary Houston

Director of Service Delivery,
Workforce Snohomish

Near the end of her undergraduate studies at UW Bothell, Mary Houston traveled to Washington DC to participate in a human rights seminar and was exposed to variety of institutions and policy makers. Profoundly inspired, Mary realized that she had the power to affect lasting social change but that she needed more training to be that type of agent. She chose the MA in Policy Studies to sharpen her skills base while enhancing her knowledge of complex labor issues. Upon graduation, Mary began a career in the field of social enterprises and spent several years with HopeWorks Social Enterprises. At HopeWorks, Mary assisted clients in developing new businesses that provided sustainable and progressive wage opportunities.  Mary now works as Director of Service Delivery for Workforce Snohomish where she oversees the management of state, federal and private grants and contracts in the workforce training arena. This provides an opportunity for strategic planning resulting in positive outcomes for individuals and the local economy.

Abigail Echo-Hawk, '09

Abigail Echo-Hawk
Associate Director, Partnerships for Native Health

As Associate Director for Partnerships for Native Health, Abigail Echo-Hawk works with American Indian and Alaska Native tribes in a five-state region to identify health priorities and assist tribes in creating policies that regulate research impacting their communities. In addition to this full-time role, Abigail is a dedicated advocate of women’s issues and has served on the Seattle Women’s Commission for three terms by appointment of the mayor. She has contributed to policy advocacy in the areas of health, domestic violence, sexual assault, youth prostitution and educational disparities.

Abigail chose the MA in Policy Studies program as a vehicle to strengthen her social justice work. She was keenly aware that people of color and low-income populations did not have the same level of access or opportunities as their counterparts and understood that these limitations were perpetuated by policies. Abigail wanted to break down the structures that impeded access by bringing the voices of marginalized people into the policy process. The Policy Studies program gave her a solid foundation in ethics and human rights and provided her with the skills to influence policy through research and effective communication.

Brooke Magnusson, '09

Brooke Magnusson
Senior Research Grant Manager, Alere Wellbeing

Brooke Magnusson had worked in the healthcare sector for several years when she chose to pursue a graduate degree in Policy Studies. Brooke was content to be working in this field, but she also knew that the greatest impact she could have was in the policy arena. The MA in Policy Studies program helped Brooke take her commitment to the next level. The curriculum provided advanced training in research analysis, project management, and statistics, and she pursued numerous internships which provided important, complimentary learning experiences, clarified her career direction, and grew her professional network.

After earning her degree, Brooke went onto work for Alere Wellbeing, a company committed to preventing the onset and progression of chronic disease through evidence-based products and programs. As Senior Research Grant Manager, Brooke collaborates with scientific leadership to oversee and implement research studies, ensuring that studies are implemented according to the funders’ regulatory guidelines. Brooke is pleased to be on the forefront of break-through research and technology which positively impacts hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Jennifer Clarke, '08

Jennifer Clarke
Category B Licensee Program Manager, 
Fair Labor Association

Jennifer Clarke (2008) first learned about the MA in Policy Studies program while working as a Social Responsibility Specialist in the Nordstrom private label division. In this role, she managed remediation in apparel, footwear and hard goods facilities and traveled overseas to work with factories in China and India. At the time, Jennifer firmly believed that corporations played a key role in labor reform, but she also knew that companies could only do so much to address large systemic issues. Recognizing the existence of governance gaps, she enrolled in the Policy Studies program to sharpen her analytical skills and understanding of the policy process. After completing her degree, Jennifer joined the Fair Labor Association in Washington D.C. as a Category B Licensee Program Manager. In this capacity, she assists colleges and universities in developing sustainable strategies for improving compliance with labor standards among their manufacturing partners. Jennifer reflects on her time in the Policy Studies program as foundational to her current work. The program gave her the confidence to acknowledge when there is no policy and to craft guidelines and messaging that achieve lasting impact.

Courtney Normand, '08

Courtney Normand
Washington State Public Affairs Manager,
Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest

As Washington State Public Affairs Manager at Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest, Courtney Normand manages a statewide team of community organizers who promote Planned Parenthood's advocacy agenda by engaging supporters and volunteers to speak up and take action on issues of reproductive justice. She also conducts community outreach and works with external organizations, media, government, elected officials, and businesses for the advancement of strategic issue priorities.

The Policy Studies program provided Courtney multiple opportunities to learn more about the practice of advocacy and how to work with stakeholders from diverse sectors. While in the program, Courtney conducted a capstone research project which assessed the impact of sex education curricula in Washington State. Aiming to work in the sexual and reproductive health arena beyond graduation, Courtney’s capstone project allowed her to engage with stakeholders in the industry and to demonstrate her knowledge. This experience built her credibility and helped Courtney secure her current role with Planned Parenthood.

Teresa Tam, '08

Teresa Tam
Senior Analyst, U.S. Government Accountability Office

As a Senior Analyst for the U.S. Government Accountability Office’s Health Care team, Teresa Tam has been a major contributor to reports on Medicaid preventive and dental services, as well as health care financing.

Teresa’s desire to improve health care in the United States led her to the MA in Policy Studies program. Through the program, she developed a strong set of skills - namely, how to find, understand, and present evidence-based data, formulate research designs, and write succinctly and powerfully. The Policy Studies program prepared Teresa for her current role as an analyst, allowing her to help improve the performance and accountability of the federal government for the benefit of the American people. 

Melinda Bocci, '06

Melinda Bocci

Human Services Specialist II, Snohomish County

Melinda Bocci had worked several years in the developmental disabilities sector when she decided to obtain a graduate degree in Policy Studies. Much of her work was driven by policy, and she knew a master's would enable her to effect systemic change within her field.

While in the Policy Studies program, pivotal disability legislation was being implemented in Washington State.  Melinda chose to align her capstone research project with this new policy, which would allow all individuals with developmental disabilities between the ages of 21 and 62 the opportunity for gainful employment in their communities.  Her capstone research highlighted the impact of this policy of on four stakeholder groups, and the credibility Melinda she built through this in-depth research project helped secure her current position with Snohomish County Developmental Disabilities. 

Kristin Hallgren, '04

Kristin Hallgren
Researcher, Mathematica Policy Research

Kristin Hallgren was a high school civics teacher when she decided to pursue a graduate degree.  At the time, she desired greater intellectual stimulation and a rigorous education which would enhance her teaching practice and ultimately, benefit her students. 

The Policy Studies program provided Kristin with many opportunities to sharpen her critical thinking skills and understanding of policy and decision-making processes.  It also exposed her to an array of professional pathways, and eventually, Kristin shifted her career into the field of program evaluation for education and early childhood programs. Having been recently promoted from Research Analyst to Researcher at Mathematica Policy Research, she attributes much of the refinement of her skills to the training she received in the Policy Studies program.

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“The Policy Studies program provided me with a broader understanding of the factors and influences that interact with my profession. The leadership and organizational skills that I developed during the program have been extremely valuable.”

--Shawn Miller



























“My job is to ensure that all health research done in partnership with tribal communities is respectful of tribal sovereignty and is based on priorities established by the tribes. My Policy Studies education allows me to work with others in Institute for Translational Health Sciences in creating and regulating internal policies that are culturally competent and ensure ethical conduct of research with tribal communities.”

-Abigail Echo-Hawk







“The Policy Studies program was instrumental in helping me understand policy processes and where my work was best suited. I appreciated the flexibility in designing a trajectory that fit my strengths and interests and ultimately helped me pursue the career I wanted. “

--Brooke Magnusson










"A benefit of the Policy Studies program is the range of focus among students. This allowed me to interact with others from varying fields of expertise, enabling me to build a more holistic foundation of industry knowledge through a range of policy arenas. I learned just as much from the expertise of classmates as I did from professors!"

--Jennifer Clarke









"My master’s degree in Policy Studies provided me the skills and insight I need to understand the complicated processes of policy making, implementation, and evaluation. In my work at Planned Parenthood, I’ve been able to successfully identify policy concerns that affect the communities I serve and provide people with meaningful opportunities to participate in the civic process.”

--Courtney Normand







“My Policy Studies education has helped me feel competent in my position at the Government Accountability Office from day one. I use what I learned in the program every day, whether it is determining the research design for a project, understanding statistical concepts, or simply being knowledgeable about the environment within which policy is made."

--Teresa Tam




"Because Policy Studies is an interdisciplinary degree, I was able to focus my education on a field I am very passionate about.  Policy Studies allowed me to connect with my professional field in ways that I had never been able to in the past. I would not be where I am today without my graduate degree."

 --Melinda Bocci





"The Policy Studies program helped me understand the importance of evidence in the decision-making process. Through discussion, readings, and assignments, I learned how to think critically about the quality of available evidence and how to incorporate it into my own conclusions."

--Kristin Hallgren