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Graduate Student Representatives (GSR)

GSRs facilitate mechanisms and spaces by which students in the program can contribute to discussions about the program and degree.  In this capacity they serve as a resource to other students and the program director.

  • GSR for the 2018-2019 cohort is Marjan Atashkhayer Didra.

Student Ambassadors

Connect with current Policy Studies students, ask questions, arrange a campus tour, and learn about the student experience from our Student Ambassadors.

2019 Cohort

Rowan Al-ghafafiRowan Al-ghfafi

Undergraduate Degree: BA in Health Studies from University of Washington Bothell

Research Interests: Health policy in reducing health care expenditures. The pursuit of healthcare efficiency.

Snapshot: Rowan has lived in the Seattle, Washington area all her life. She is from Libya and was born in Alexandria, Egypt. She loves to go back to her home country to learn and physical be within her culture. She was a running start student during her time in High School, leading her to earn her Bachelors at the age of 19 and starting her Masters at 20. She was interested in many academic fields, but it was during her last year in the running start program where she found her interest in healthcare. During her undergrad, she focused her research on The Effects of Social Class on One’s Physical Health. She would now like to pursue that research in much more depth including healthcare equality and efficiency. Outside of school, Rowan likes to spend time with family and friends. She also loves to learn about history and travel, especially to historical sites. 

Gia AnguianoGia Anguiano

Undergraduate Degree: BA in Political Science, BS in Economics, Certificate in Political Entrepreneurship, Certificate in International Studies, Arizona State University

Research Interests: Public economics and political economy, economic development, international economics, immigration policy

Snapshot: As an Illinois native living in Arizona, Gia is ready to leave her desert home to join the 2019-2020 Policy Studies cohort. She graduated from Arizona State University in May of 2019 with concurrent degrees in Political Science and Economics. Her love for policy and advocacy began in 2014 when she traveled to Mexico to create a short documentary about immigration. She continued to advocate for migrant rights and discovered that the best way to help others was through policy. By studying economics and political science, she has gained the opportunity to understand the motivators behind policy and hopes to strengthen her knowledge through this program. Gia has also expanded her international interests by studying abroad in France and becoming fluent in French. She hopes to work on public policy and economic policy at home and abroad in her future.

David BushnellDavid Bushnell    

Undergraduate Degree: BA in Law, Economics, and Public Policy from the University of Washington Bothell

Research Interests: The Cause and Effects of Mass Incarceration, the War on Drugs, Systems of Power & Control as they Relate to the Internet and Social Media, and Asian American Social Justice    

Snapshot: David is a native born Western Washingtonian raised in the sleepy suburb of Edmonds.  He grew up close to his Taiwanese family and spent many afternoons in his Grandma’s Kitchen.  Through high school and college, David Competed in debate which would spark a life-long passion for law and public policy. He hopes to one day be an advocate for the Asian American community he grew up in and is the first in his family to go to graduate school.  During his free time, he enjoys spending uproarious nights out and forging new friendships through shared experiences, as well as spending time reading about and discussing philosophy, religion, and politics.  He also has a secret passion for food and loves cooking or splurging on a fancy dinner at a restaurant.

Jessica CorbmanJessica Corbman    

Undergraduate Degree: BA in Elementary Education with an English Emphasis, Idaho State University

Research Interests: Policy/Politics, especially regarding human rights and environmental rights    

Snapshot: I graduated with an elementary education degree from Idaho State University in 2012. Since then, I have worked as a substitute teacher, tutor, and after school program director. I have a passion for politics and policy, and have volunteered for multiple campaigns. I am on the executive board of the 39th legislative district Democrats and am the current treasurer of the Snohomish County Young Democrats. I am very interested in working to improve our state and federal policies regarding refugee and immigrant rights, criminal justice reform, LGBTQ rights, affordable healthcare and housing, and environmental protections. Most importantly, I have four adorable cats named Theo, Finn, Tonks, and Inara. 

Olivia HandmanOlivia Handman

Undergraduate degree: BA in Policy and Cultural Studies from The Evergreen State College

Research Interests: I am interested in, prison reform policies, students with disabilities educational policy research, and social economic development policies.

Snapshot:  I grew up in Seattle Washington. I am the first in my family to graduate from an undergraduate degree program, and the first in my family to attend graduate school. I didn't know that policy studies was something I was passionate about until I took a study abroad trip to New Zealand where I worked with the Maori people. While in New Zealand I worked with and organize called Te Roopu Taurima, while interning there I worked on a document that has now been sent into the government that has the potential to gain more rights for Maori people with disabilities. I am very proud and honored to be a part of this experience. I am looking forward to learning more about policy and find out where my skills work best when it comes to making the world a better place! 

Alyanna MattsonAlyanna Mattson

Undergraduate Degree: Political Science, with Minors in Human Rights and Law, Societies, and Justice from the University of Washington Seattle 

Research Interests: Law, Human Rights, Politics, Social Justice

Snapshot: Alyanna Mattson graduated from the University of Washington Seattle in 2018. Her time as an undergraduate student led to her interests in law, policy, institutions, and society and how change in one realm can be a catalyst for change in the others. She intends for these interests to lead her to work in government, law, or policy as an effective advocate for justice.

Joshua MurphyJoshua Murphy

Undergraduate Degree: BS in Secondary Education, Social Science Comprehensive from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Research Interests: Education policy, behavioral economics, environmental economics, urban planning.

Snapshot: Joshua was born in Long Beach, CA, moved to Las Vegas, NV, and finally settled in the Pacific Northwest. Prior to graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, he has worked in the food & beverage and home construction industries. He spent a decade working in politics and non-profits before becoming a teacher. For the past decade he has been teaching social sciences in public schools in Nevada and Washington, from Title I schools to CTE and academy programs. He is also a regional coordinator for National History Day and is a district curriculum leader.

Elijah NicholsonElijah Caleb Nicholson

Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Law, Economics & Public Policy and Global Studies, Minor in Human Rights from University of Washington Bothell

Research Interests: Game Theory, Political Science, Geopolitics, Data & Intelligence Policy, African Development Policy, International Relations

Snapshot: Having previous experience working and interning in both State and Federal Legislatures, I seek to redefine how policy, legislation and constituent relations develop. The methods and procedures of the past may not always be best for the future. Contemplating how domestic and international policy influence policymakers worldwide, I entered the MAPS program to effectively learn how to analyze and even synthesize substantial data sets and advance my research pertaining to international investments in Africa, Artificial Intelligence & Jobs as well as Human Trafficking.

Mike PalazzoMike Palazzo

Undergraduate Degree: BA in Law, Economics & Public Policy with a minor in Human Rights from University of Washington, Bothell; Associate of Arts and Sciences DTA and Associate in General Studies AGS from Everett Community College 

Research Interests: Military, Veteran, UCMJ

Snapshot: It is an honor to have such a chance and continue to be a successful student at UWB. I am a veteran who has honorably served in our nation's military and the first member of my family to obtain a college degree. Since I was a small child, I have been fascinated with the legal system, and it's internal workings, especially having a police officer as a father. There is something that has called me to pursue an education in public policy, in hopes to one day implement positive changes in the way our nations soldiers and respective families are adversely managed under the current Uniform Code of Military Justice at the hands of toxic "leadership" and power-hungry commanders. 

I wish to also continue to support our military veteran community, especially in this time of need where over twenty-two veterans a day commit suicide because they either do not receive the care they need or are lost in their battle to continue to live amongst us. I want to be involved in enhancing the quality of lives of those I have the opportunity to assist.

In the words of my late best friend and fellow veteran Tech. Sgt. Jarrett Parker, I strive to do nothing more but "To protect and give hope to others." As an older student in my thirties, I can say that the quality of one's education significantly impacts one's quality of life.

Kate PitellKate Pitell

Undergraduate Degree: BA in Society, Ethics & Human Behavior, Minor in Labor Studies from University of Washington Bothell

Research Interests: Labor Policy and Law, Labor History, Human Rights Law, Workplace Standards, Workforce Development, Tax Reform, Campaign Finance Law, Healthcare Policy

Snapshot: Seattle native, lover of puzzles, football (Go DAWGS!), gardening and floral design, dog rescue volunteer, road trip enthusiast, proud Auntie, and mom to my beloved French Bulldog Winnie.

Tania SantiagoTania Santiago

Undergraduate Degree: BA in Sociology and Minor in Education from the University of Washington

Research Interests: Immigration, domestic violence, access to higher education, community engagement and labor policy

Snapshot: Tania Santiago is an immigrant from Mexico and was raised in Redmond, WA. In 2014, she graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in sociology and minor in education. After graduation, Tania worked as a legal advocate at the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. She is currently the Executive Legislative Aide for King County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles. Tania has advocated for policies that protect and support immigrants including the failed 2010 Federal DREAM Act, the passage of the 2014 Washington State Dream Act, and the passage of the 2018 U/T visa certification budget proposal for King County Sheriff's Office. 
In her free time, Tania enjoys helping youth apply for college/scholarships, volunteering, spending time with her loved ones, and playing with her adorable cats.

Lauren VlasLauren Vlas

Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Cultural Anthropology with a Minor in Public Affairs and Specialization in Global Awareness from Seattle University

Research Interests: My research interests include state and local government policy related to public health, affordable housing, homelessness services, behavioral health, gender equity and more. I am especially interested in how public policy can address historical inequities and close education and opportunity gaps to address disparities.

Snapshot: Lauren was born and raised on a dairy farm in Lynden, WA and has lived and worked in the Seattle area since 2008. For the past five years, she’s worked in local politics at the King County Council. In her role as a policy advisor to one of the Council’s nine members, Lauren has worked on issues ranging from sexual assault, domestic violence prevention and human trafficking to gun safety, heroin and opiate epidemic response and criminal justice reform. In addition, Lauren serves on the Board of Directors of Solid Ground, a multi-service nonprofit agency that works to end poverty and undo racism and other oppressions that are root causes of poverty. She also serves as the co-chair of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington’s Political Action Committee.

Miriam VonAschen-CookMiriam VonAschen-Cook

Undergraduate Degree: BS in Political Science, minor in American Studies from Oklahoma State University 

Research Interests: Public safety policy, municipal policy, local government. The intersection of technology and public policy and how the use of data and technology affects the lives of community members.

Snapshot: Miriam, her wife, two children, and menagerie of animals moved from Oklahoma to Washington in 2017. After a long career as an IT professional she went back to school to complete her undergraduate degree as a non-traditional student. Miriam is currently a policy analyst for the Seattle Police Department, focusing on the department’s compliance with the City’s Surveillance Technology Ordinance. She excited to focus on and work in the intersection of policy, data analysis, and technology. Though a newcomer to the region, Miriam is passionate about civic engagement, contributing to the community, and putting down roots in Western Washington.

Leighla WebbLeighla Webb

Undergraduate Degree: BA in Community Psychology from University of Washington Bothell

Research Interests: Juvenile justice reform; trauma-informed pedagogy; education reform

Snapshot: As a Washingtonian, Leighla studied Community Psychology at UW Bothell where she was a research assistant examining identity formation of anti-racism activist. Leighla has spent most of her career working with underserved youth and has witnessed the inequity in current policy. Her current work in the non-profit sector has provided her with direct service where she has experienced the side effects of well-intentioned policy. Leighla hopes MAPS will enable her work towards the collective wellness in her community. 

Emma WhitehallEmma Whitehall

Undergraduate Degree: BA in Human Services, Western Washington University

Research Interests: Educational policy

Snapshot: I seek to find a profession in the school system to help eradicate policies that hinder equity and equality for marginalized and vulnerable populations.

2018 Cohort

Rechilda AllanRechilda M. Allan

Graduate Institution: Graduate School of Business, Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines)
Graduate Degree: MBA

Research Interests: Microfinance, economic development at the bottom of the pyramid, inclusive business development, coastal resource and MPA management, local governance issues, public-private sector partnership.

Snapshot: Richie is adept at wearing multiple hats, and so looks forward to overcoming the challenges of parenting a precocious toddler while working on her MAPS degree. She hopes to continue to the PhD program of Evans, bring everything she learned back to the Philippines and make a difference.

She loves to connect and listen to people, and is amazed at the friendliness of everyone she’s met since moving to Washington and settling in the Lake Forest Park neighborhood. She likes to explore the urban outdoors and with her child and a UPass, she has been exploring parks and playgrounds in cities on both sides of Lake Washington.

image of Teresa AllardTeresa Allard

Undergraduate Institution:  University of California, Santa Barbara
Undergraduate Degree: Biological Sciences

Research Interests: Protection, Conservation and Restoration of Wetlands, Environmental Laws, Policies and Regulations

Snapshot: Teresa has lived in Bothell, Washington since 1996.  She has worked as an environmental emergency responder, providing scientific and technical support during oil spill emergencies occurring along North America’s shorelines, rivers, and streambeds.  To date, she has worked on over thirty-seven oil spills, as well as participated in excess of fifty spill drills, exercises and training programs. 

After two decades of recording environmental injury, initiating cleanup, and monitoring the ecosystem throughout recovery, Teresa aspires to bring a unique perspective to the establishment of policies that will preserve our coastal marine habitat and wetlands through focused conservation and restoration programs.

image of Marjan  Atashkhayer-DidraMarjan  Atashkhayer Didra

Undergraduate Institution: University Of Washington BothellUndergraduate Degree: Gender Woman and Sexuality Studies

Research Interests: Immigrant women and their upward mobility after migrating to the USA, specifically Muslim Women. I would like to know if there are identifiable facts that can be either supported or eliminated through policy to make vocational advancements more accessible for immigrant women.

Snapshot: Marjan is an American citizen who was born and raised in Iran. She left Iran to pursue her education in the Philippines in 2003. After living in the Philippines for six years and finishing her Doctorate in Dental Medicine, she moved to Istanbul for almost a year. On September 2009 she was granted a green card and immigrated to the United States. Marjan has been involved with several non-profit organizations that aim to emancipate women in the developing world and works to reduce arrange marriages since she has been part of one back in Iran. Marjan is passionate about gender equality and believes that women of the Middle East such as Iran have been underrepresented through the eyes of the western media, therefore, she hopes to reassess this notion by being a voice and an active advocate for Women of Iran.

In her spare time, Marjan enjoys Yoga, Volunteer works and Traveling.

image of Saiwa S. Conejo-MoralesSaiwa S. Conejo-Morales

Undergraduate Institution: University of Washington Bothell
Undergraduate Degree: Environmental Studies; Minor in Policy Studies

Research Interests: Law, environmental policy, international relationships, climate refugees, human rights

Snapshot: Saiwa grew up in Seattle and has developed a passion for environmental justice. Part of the inspiration for environmental justice comes from learning about the Cochabamba Water War. As a first generation student navigating college was a challenge. However, she was able to learn and persevere. Through Saiwa's undergraduate independent research on mycoremediation, the Debate Society of UWB and currently as Chair of Campus Events Board at the University of Washington Bothell for the second year, she has been able to find her voice and truth. She looks forward to learning more about politics and gain the skills so that one day she can work for the people in regards to environmental justice and equity. When Saiwa is not in school she likes hanging out with family, friends, staying active, eating food and meeting new people.

image of Robin GreenRobin Green

Undergrad Institute: University of Washington Bothell
Undergrad Degree: Society, Ethics, & Human Behavior

Research Interests: education policy reform, high school curriculum efficacy & reform, veterans affairs, psycho-social & economic outcomes of families of active duty & veteran family members

Snapshot: Robin is a graduate student in the UW Bothell Masters of Policy Studies program. Robin has 10 years experience working in health care in areas ranging from pediatrics, orthopedics, and cardiology. He also has experiencing working with high school students in a Title VIII school's special education department. With his personal interests in seeing young people live happy, healthy lives and obtain a meaningful education, Robin hopes to work within the educational and political systems to bring about the change he wants to see.

image of Kim WansooWansoo Kim

Undergraduate Institution: University of Washington Bothell
Undergraduate Degree: Community Psychology

Research Interests: Immigration policy

Snapshot: Wansoo Kim is an international from South Korea. He has lived 7 years in Washington. Being one of the international students, he realized that we need to improve immigration policies that help not only the international students but also to solve the problem of certain policies’ side effects. While he was working at CIE (Center of International Education) as an international student ambassador, he learned some immigration policies in the United States through participating immigration events and helped other international students in University of Washington, Bothell. For example, he participated UW lobby day training with student government in UWB where we were aiming to reduce the price of tuition and establish affordable childcare for students who are parents in UWB. That naturally became his interests.

In his spare or extra time, Wansoo loves to make beats for their team rapper as a hobby.

image of Kyra LaughlinKyra Laughlin

Undergraduate Institution: University of Washington Bothell
Undergraduate Degree: Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies and Society, Ethics & Human Behavior

Research Interests: Prevention, support and response efforts/policies pertaining to sexual assault and relationship violence within higher education; trauma-informed pedagogy; institutional betrayal as it relates to survivors of sexual and relationship violence; (dis)ability and accessibility; and developing policy through a “healing-centered engagement” approach

Snapshot: Since November 2016, Kyra has organized around sexual and relationship violence (SRV). In her role as a vocal advocate and activist, she has worked with 100+ survivors on campus and also identifies as a SRV victim-survivor herself. Her work has included developing a comprehensive resource guide for SRV survivors at UWB,  founding the university’s first student club centered around SRV, facilitating trainings on campus, designing an SRV resources Canvas page which some faculty have added to their course pages and serving as a Communications Intern for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, among other projects. Understanding SRV is inextricably linked to other systems of oppression (e.g racism, ableism, colonialism, cisgenderism, heterosexism, etc.), it’s critical we center the needs of marginalized communities so that all survivors are able to heal and to pursue justice (or not) in the ways that are meaningful and safest to them.

image of Yani LiuYani Liu

Undergraduate Institution: Michigan State University 
Undergraduate Degree: Economics

Research Interests: Gender Equity, Human Rights, Public Relationship, International Relations between US and Asian countries, Policies that impact Women and Children

Snapshot: Yani is an international student from China and studied in US already five years. She is a class of 2017 graduate of the Economics, Bachelor of Arts Degree at the Michigan State University. For Yani, study in US is difficult but it’s worth the effort. She faced a lot, different language, different learning patterns, culture differences and different life style between East and West. But she enjoys overcoming all difficulties and wants to improve herself more. Yani has also traveled to London, UK for MSU study abroad program: Economics of Law and Public Policy - Summer 2015-2016, which is the experience that sparked her interest in policies. She decided to learn more about policies that not only affect economics but also influence other significant matters, like human rights, immigrants, education and environment. So in the autumn of 2018, Yani will begin graduate school at UW Bothell in the Master of Arts in Policy Studies program. Afterwards, she hopes to continue her doctor’s degree with public relations program and she also hopes to pursue a future career in PR at a Fortune 500 company. 

image of Elaine MontesElaine Montes

Undergraduate Institution: University of Washington Bothell
Undergraduate Degree: Law, Economics, and Public Policy; Community Psychology; and Global Studies.
Minor: Business Administration, Human Rights

Research Interests: Homeland security policy focusing on cyber-security, and human-trafficking. Locally interested in developing current research with the Department of Traffic that handles tolls and urban design of highways.

Snapshot: Washington raised, first-generation student. Currently studying Japanese, however can execute a fun conversation in, Spanish, French, and Korean. Animal caretaker of four, also loves to play the violin and improve her piano skills to pass the time by. If you’re open to have a conversation about human rights, she is delighted to share her previous research project regarding North Korean defectors and the Chinese Repatriation during her time in Washington, D.C. and Seoul, South Korea. Elaine is always open to have a conversation about social inequity over a serious competitive match of Overwatch. If you’re on campus come and swing by the Student Success Center where she can help you find an internship abroad that suits your academic interests.

image of Alexandra PortilloAlexandra Portillo

Undergraduate Institution: University of Washington, Bothell
Undergraduate Degree: Double Major in Law, Economics, and Public Policy / Global Studies

Research Interests: International Human Rights, minority representation, women’s rights

Snapshot: Born in Texas but raised in the PNW, Alexandra’s Mexican-American culture has influenced her research interests within policy and advocacy. Her research will focus on human rights violations as well as the actions communities and countries can take to reform. After finishing her interdisciplinary undergrad from UW Bothell, Alexandra wanted to further her education through the Policy Studies program at Bothell. Her future goal is to work for international NGOs as a policy analyst. While in this MPS program, she will be interning for a local non-profit and making time to travel around the world.

image of Anjelica RiceAnjelica Rice

Undergraduate Institution: University of Washington Bothell
Undergraduate Degree: Law, economics, and Public Policy; minor in Criminal justice from University of Washington Tacoma

Research Interests: Higher Education, and Criminal Justice Reform

Snapshot: Anjelica Rice is a class of 2018 graduate of the Law, Economics, and Public Policy Bachelor of Arts Degree, with a minor in Criminal Justice, at the University of Washington Bothell and University of Washington Tacoma respectively. Currently, she serves as the Vice President of Federal Affairs for the Washington Students Association actively working towards establishing a more affordable, accessible and quality system of higher education for all students. Anjelica has a passion for law and policy and hopes to pursue a future in policy centered around criminal justice refom.

image of Amanda SandovalAmanda Sandoval

Undergraduate institution:  University of Washington Seattle
Undergraduate Degree: BA in International studies, emphasis on human rights, law, state, and society.

Research interests: Social Justice reform, International law, Human rights, social and political policies that impact women, immigrants and refugees.

Snapshot: Amanda has lived in the PNW all her life, after high school she joined the Air Force Reserves and still currently serves at JBLM doing info control/logistics in Air transportation.  She attended the University of Washington Seattle campus for undergrad where she focused on human rights and humanitarian aide.  Currently she works as a community organizer for Senator Rebecca Saldaña; this has given her a chance to see how local politics works as well as given her more insight as to local issues and what policies we as a state need to work on. She hopes to work in several different sectors, nonprofit, private, government, and military.

image of Dustin WoodsideDustin Woodside

Undergraduate Institution: University of Washington Bothell
Undergraduate Degree: Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior
Minor: Human Rights

Research Interests: Welfare, affordable housing, Child Protective Services, Department of Social and Health Services, foster care, poverty, and human rights. With these topics, the purpose of the research is to advocate policies that are equitable, and promote social justice so families and their children have a better chance to get through their hardships.

Snapshot: Dustin Woodside is a born and raised Washingtonian, and first in his family attending graduate school. Throughout his undergraduate career, Dustin has been to Jamaica teaching and assisting in primary schools. Dustin was also an psychosocial intake specialist at a refugee center in South Africa. There he determined the level of vulnerability of each client, and gave appropriate aid based on their needs such as food, grants, rent money, and much more. Throughout his undergraduate career, Dustin was focused on ways we could promote equity and social justice through a human rights approach. Dustin is currently working with children with severe trauma as a behavior specialist. Dustin helps his clients with coping skills, social skills, behavior issues, and client safety using an approach called Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Dustin's goal with a masters in policy studies is to find a career in policy advocacy for a nonprofit that fights for equity and social justice. 

image of Olivia WrightOlivia Wright

Undergraduate Institution: University of Washington Bothell
Undergraduate Degree: Society, Ethics & Human Behavior; Minor in Human Rights; Associate in Arts & Sciences Degree from Bellevue College

Research Interests: Issues of access and opportunity; specifically, the inequitable allocation of state and federal resources to our marginalized communities

Snapshot: Olivia is a 19-year-old northwest native. Her love for policy was born at age 15, when given the opportunity to canvass for a bipartisan campaign running in the 31st district, here in Washington State. She then spent two years attending Bellevue College, as well as competing in Financial Statement Analysis on their collegiate DECA team, where she placed as an international finalist both years. Through her undergraduate studies, Olivia has cultivated a passion for advocacy. She is currently the public policy assistant at the Alzheimer’s Association, Washington State and Northern Idaho Chapter. Olivia also volunteers her time to early intervention for children on the autism spectrum. In her down time, you’re most likely to find her taking photographs, with cameras old and new! 

image of Mudasir ZubairMudasir Zubair

Undergraduate Institution: University of Washington Bothell campus
Undergraduate Degrees: Media and Communications, Science Technology and Society

Research Interests: Tech and Society relationships, especially in areas of entertainment, arts, gaming, and in developing technologies like VR

Snapshot: Graduating from undergrad in Summer 2018, Mudasir is eldest of three brothers and is the first person in his family's youngest generation to go to Grad School.  Living in the Seattle area for fifteen years, Mudasir was involved in the development of  UW Bothell's art journal as their marketer and editor.  Mudasir has also gotten experience working as a Social Media manager and content creator for technical and industrial companies.  His hobbies include digital painting, analyzing movies, and reading.  Mudasir strongly beleievs that best ways to tackle life's challenges are to blend critical and creative thinking, and draw upon different ideas, views, and experiences.