Program Curriculum

Directed Research

Directed Research provides the opportunity to develop and conduct largely self-designed research projects under the supervision of faculty. The course designated for Directed Research in Policy Studies is BPOLST 598.

The following standards will apply to all Directed Research enrollment:

  • Student must demonstrate adequate preparation, as evidenced by grades and/or previous coursework in the area of proposed research.
  • It is expected that the student will anticipate 3 hours per week of research per credit. Given this formula, a 5-credit course will involve 15 hours (3 x 5 hours) of outside research per week, in addition to scheduled meetings with the instructor.
  • Students may earn up to 15 credits of BPOLST 598 during the Policy Studies program.

Students must submit a Petition for Directed Research (UWNetID login required) to request faculty approval. The IAS Graduate Office staff will direct the petition to appropriate faculty for approval, and then provide the student with the professor's faculty code.