Program Curriculum

Current Courses

Below are the proposed Policy Studies graduate courses. This schedule is subject to change. Consult the time schedule for the most up-to-date information.

2019 - 2020 Schedule

Autumn Quarter 

Required Courses

BPOLST 510 Statistics Fundamentals for Policy Studies (5 credits)​
Shauna Carlisle (SLN #11934)

**Early Fall Hybrid Online/On-site Course: Meets Thurs, Sept 5; Thurs, Sept 12; Fri, Sept 13, 5 pm-10 pm and Sat, Sept 14, 10 am-3 pm in UW1-120.

BPOLST 511 Policy Process and Analysis (5 credits)​ T 5:45 - 10 pm
Camille Walsh (SLN# 11935)

BPOLST 509 Pro-seminar (1 credit) M 5:45 - 7:45 pm**
Keith Nitta (SLN#11933)

**Meets alternate Mondays, as follows: September 30, October 14, October 28, , November 18, December 2


BPOLST 593A Topics in Policy Studies: Urban Planning and Geography (5 credits)
Jin-Kyu Jung, W 5:45-10 pm (SLN#11938)

‘The urban’ is often dynamic and contested, as people struggle to understand what is distinctive and fundamentally urban about the important social, political, economic, and cultural transformations of our time. There is, however, no doubt that the urban is at the heart of many fields of inquiry. In this course, we will learn about key concepts and practices of urban planning and geography, (such as urbanism, urban system and form, zoning, sustainable planning), and look at critical contemporary urban issues such as gentrification, social/spatial inequity, and urban regeneration and smart cities. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to understand urban planning and geography ‘theory’ as a form of geographic and planning ‘practice’ (and vice versa) and will explore these from an interdisciplinary perspective. The class is designed to provide students with knowledge that they can use as active citizens in their communities, in careers in urban studies and planning, and in related public, environmental, and economic policy fields.

BPOLST 593B Topics in Policy Studies: Alternate Economies (5 credits) S.Charusheela, Th 5:45-10 pm (SLN#22947)

How do we imagine and create a world beyond capitalism? This course aims to experiment creatively with answers to this question. We will work on projects for change with students from Ambedkar University Delhi. Sample project themes include: 1) Anti-racist movements (Dalit movement in India/Black Lives Matter in US); 2) Movements for sustainable food pathways; 3) Households, care, and provisioning; 4) Urban poverty and homelessness (Delhi and Seattle); 5) Media interventions and the politics of popular culture; 6) The University in neoliberal times in India and the US.

Outside Electives

If you would like to take a policy-related course from another UW graduate program for your elective requirement, please submit a petition before the quarter begins.

Winter Quarter 

Required Courses

BPOLST 502 Policy Statistics (5 credits)​
Shauna Carlisle, Th 5:45-10:00 PM

BPOLST 513 Practicum in Policy Studies (5 credits)​
Charlie Collins, T 5:45-10:00 pm

BPOLST 509 Proseminar  (1 credit)
Keith Nitta, M 5:45 pm-7:45 pm
Meets alternate Mondays, Dates TBD

Spring Quarter 

Required Courses

BPOLST 514 Management and Program Evaluation (5 credits)​ 
Keith Nitta, 5:45-10:00 PM

BPOLST 594 Research Design  (5 credits) 
Joseph Ferrare, 5:45-10:00 pm

BPOLST 509 Proseminar  (1 credit) 
Keith Nitta, M 5:45-7:45 pm
Meets alternate Mondays, Dates TBD

Summer Quarter 

Required Courses

BPOLST 515 Capstone (8 credits)
Indepedent Study, by arrangement.  See Capstone Proposal.

BPOLST 509 Proseminar  (2 credit)
Keith Nitta, 5:45-7:45 pm, Dates TBD

Electives, Independent Study

Please see and submit the appropriate petitions for these courses.

BPOLST 598 Directed Research
Meetings and faculty to be arranged

BPOLST 520 Policy Internship
Prerequisites: Policy Process; Statistics for Policy Studies
Meetings and faculty to be arranged

Outside Courses

Students wishing to receive elective credit for courses taken in other departments (either at UW Bothell or UW Seattle) must fill out a Request for Outside Coursework form and obtain faculty approval.

Other Elective Options

Prior Course Offerings

** This schedule is subject to change.

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