Program Curriculum

Capstone Guide (506 and 508)

The Capstone Project represents one of the most significant elements of the Policy Studies curriculum. The project integrates all facets of your learning experience and gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to apply the tools of policy research to the examination of a contemporary policy issue. While the Capstone Project is not intended to involve extensive original investigation, any conclusions reached must be so supported that their proof is considered well-established.

The Capstone Project is designed to accomplish the following goals:

  • To provide for the application of an accepted method of inquiry.
  • To enhance your skills in reading and interpreting analytic studies.
  • To improve your appreciation and understanding of problems involved in research and its application in real world settings.
  • To provide for practice in recognizing and delimiting research problems.
  • To generate enthusiasm and capacity for engaging in analytical investigation.
  • To improve your ability to communicate ideas and research.
  • To enrich your overall experience of academic scholarship.

Sample Capstone

View some sample capstones under "Student Work".