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Incoming Students: Next Steps

Welcome to the UW Bothell MA in Policy Studies!

This page will be updated regularly with important information as we approach the start to the Autumn 2018 Quarter. Information will also be emailed to students but please check this page for the most up-to-date details.


Listservs: the listserv for your cohort has now been updated with all of your UW email addresses. The cohort-specific one (see my email) will be the listserv we use to communicate program information, course information, dates and deadlines, and more. If you wish to use this to communicate with your colleagues, you are welcome to do so, however please keep in mind that the Grad Office staff and the Policy Studies Director, Keith Nitta, receive these emails. The first time you send an email to this list your email may be held for moderation causing a delay, but after that first time you should be all set. There is a second listserv that you’ve been added to (see my email) which is for both cohorts of Policy Studies students. Emails to these listservs will go to your UW email address.

Funding Announcements: We manage an additional email account for funding announcements (see my email). From this email address you’ll receive notifications of funding opportunities both within and outside of UW. You may see scholarships, fellowships, internships, jobs, teaching posts, etc. Some posts may be relevant for you while others may not be so use your own filter. 

Current Student Page: the Current Students page has now been updated! Thank you to those who sent in your information, it’s exciting to learn about our new cohort. I encourage you to take a look at the current student pages for the other two IAS graduate programs, too, Cultural Studies and the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics, so that you can learn about the larger IAS grad network.

Relocation: If you are new to the Seattle area or are just moving closer to school, we encourage you to review our online Relocation Guide for information on housing, area neighborhoods, transportation options, dining and leisure, and more. We also have a great list of local organizations and groups you should check out.


Registration: Please be sure to register for your classes as soon as possible. Registration details were sent in an earlier email and are also posted below.

The Registration Process


MyUW is your personal, easy-to-use tool for finding course schedules, registration deadlines, and many other resources at the University of Washington. You can personalize MyUW to fit your needs by including or excluding the services you see listed, adding bookmarks to your favorite links, and choosing the background and accent colors you prefer. See below for more information on the features of MyUW. To access MyUW, you must first create your UW NetID (see below).

PAC (Private Access Code)

You will need to obtain your PAC in order to register for courses. In order to do this please log back into your application and click on “status” to find your PAC and student number. You will need to use the PAC and student number to create your UW NetID. Please do not share your PAC with anyone. If you forget your PAC, you must visit the UW Bothell Admissions Office in person to reset the code.


Follow the instructions to create your NetID. You will be asked to choose a UW NetID as well as a password.  If you need assistance setting up your UW NetID, please call (206) 543-5970.

Measles Immunization

Linked here is the Measles Immunity Verification form for you to please fill out and return to the Registrar’s Office per the instructions on the form. There is also additional information available regarding this requirement.

Your Fall Quarter Schedule


You will be taking a total of 16 credits of coursework in Autumn Quarter. You can expect to be on campus for class 2-3 times per week, as follows:

  1. A required, intensive course (5 credits), completed before the regular academic quarter begins.  This will be taught as a hybrid class, with classroom and online modules. It will meet on campus a total of 4 evenings in the last 2 weeks of September
  2. A required core course, Policy Analysis and Process (5 credits): Meets once-a-week on campus
  3. A required Proseminar (1 credit): Meets every other week on campus
  4. An elective course (5 credits). Policy Studies offers once-a-week evening options; other options vary.

Early Fall, Required Course: BPOLST 510 Statistics Fundamentals (5 credits), SLN 11939, taught by Dr. Shauna Carlisle, September 18-30.

In this early-fall intensive course, you will complete the equivalent of 5 credits of stats coursework before the regular academic quarter begins. This early fall coursework will be counted as part of your regular fall quarter enrollment and you will incur no additional tuition fees as a result.*

Please hold your weekday evenings, September 18-30, 5-10 pm for the purpose of this class.  The class will be taught as a hybrid class, a mixture of online and in-class learning. Altogether, we expect that you will meet in class and on campus a total of four times.  We will inform you of the exact dates you will need to be on campus by August 10.

*Note: Students who have excelled in statistics at advanced levels may place out of Statistics Fundamentals. These students will be able to take an additional elective course (5 credits) instead, in Autumn or another quarter. 

Autumn Quarter, Required Courses

The required courses in Autumn Quarter are as follows:

  • BPOLST 511 Policy Process and Analysis (5 credits), SLN 11940, taught by Dr. Camille Walsh. This course meets once per week during the regular quarter, Tuesdays, 5:45-10 pm.
  • BPOLST 509 Proseminar (1 credit), SLN 11938, taught by Dr. Bruce Kochis, with other MAPS faculty.  This credit/no credit course meets 5 times during the regular, ten-week quarter, Thursdays, 5:45-7:15 pm.

Since you have been admitted to the program, space in these required courses has been reserved for you.

Autumn Quarter, Elective Course

To fulfill the requirements of the program, you are also expected to register for and take 5 credits of policy-related elective coursework in Autumn Quarter.

Policy Studies and the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences are offering the following policy-related electives for Autumn 2017:

  • BPOLST 571 Policy Ethics
    W 5:45-10 pm, Bothell Campus, Bruce Kochis; SLN 11942
  • BCULST 570 Prisons, Politics, and Activism
    W 5:45 - 10 pm, Seattle Campus, Dan Berger; SLN 22474

Descriptions of these courses are available on the Current Courses webpage.  You can also look into the instructors on their faculty pages.  The SLN numbers listed with courses above are required to register, and can be found on Time Schedule. You may register for these courses directly.

You may also consider policy-specific courses offered from the Jackson School for International Studies, College of Education, or the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, among others. For these options, you will need to submit a petition to take outside coursework, available online.  To count for the MA in Policy Studies degree, the elective coursework must be from University of Washington and at the 400-level or above.


  1. Once you have created your UW NetID, log on to MyUW using your UW NetID and password.
  2. From the Student Personal Services menu on the left side of the MyUW home page, select Registration. As a new student, you’ll be eligible to register in the current registration period (called “Registration Period II” - June 19 - September 26). During the registration process, the UW requires that students confirm their current address and make a decision regarding ASUWB membership. If you see a note stating, “Before registering you MUST . . .”, you’ll need to check your address and select your membership preference before access to registration will be allowed.
  3. Enter the Schedule Line Number (SLN) for each course you wish to add. In most cases, you will leave all other fields blank. To view available classes, choose Time Schedule under the Registration Resources menu. The Time Schedule will open in a separate, smaller window so you can have both windows open and toggle between them. See the Time Schedule or notes above for the SLNs for required and elective options.
  4. After making your course selections, click Update Schedule at the bottom of the Registration Screen. Your selections will be accepted only if all sections are available and there are no restrictions that would prevent you from registering. Messages will appear on the right side of the screen to alert you to any problems. Make any necessary revisions and resubmit.

After registering, you may log on to MyUW as often as you like to check the status of sections, list your confirmed schedule, add or drop courses, or check your account balance. You may contact the Registrar’s Office at (425) 352-5240 for assistance with registration.

Husky ID Card

Your Husky ID Card may be picked up in Campus Public Safety Office, LB2 005, any time after you have registered for Autumn Quarter. Please contact Student Affairs at 425-352-5000 or with any questions.

MyUW System Features

Visual Schedule

Displays your quarterly class schedule in a calendar format. From Personal Services in MyUW, select Visual Schedule from the list of Services.

Course Availability

Beginning Period I, you may log on to MyUW at any time to check course availability. You can also find this information in the time schedule.

Student Account and Loan Status Inquiries

Log on to MyUW to:

  • Find your current account balance
  • Get a summary of disbursed financial aid and check availability
  • Determine if outside lender loan funds are available
  • Get the latest recorded student account payment

Change of Address

Use this service to change your addresses (local and permanent) provided to the Student Directory and used by the Office of the Registrar, Office of Student Financial Aid, Student Accounts Office, Student Loans Office, and other University departments and offices. You may also use this feature to change your directory release information. If you don't have Web access from home, there are numerous labs around campus for your use. PCs are available in the Office of Student Affairs Lobby, UW1 Room 160, and the campus Library.

Important Dates

  • September 18-30, 2017, M-F 5:00-10:00pm: Hold for BPOLST 510. We will send more details about the exact meeting schedule by August 10.
  • Wednesday, September 27, 2017: first day of Autumn Quarter
  • Thursday, September 28, 2017: first day of BPOLST 509, 5:45-7:15pm (Orientation)
  • Tuesday, October 3, 2017: first day of BPOLST 511, 5:45-10:00pm

Student Resources

Please take a few moments to explore the Program Funding section of our website as well as the Additional Resources section of the website where you will our Relocation Guide for graduate students. Finally, all of this information is posted on the Incoming Students: Next Steps page so that you can easily refer back without looking for emails. We will continue to send you emails during the summer in preparation for beginning the program and will always post the important information on this webpage so we encourage you to check it regularly.

Feel free to contact the IAS Graduate Office at or 425-352-3406 at any time with questions about the Policy Studies program or any of these important steps.


Check this page regularly for important updates, announcements, and program information.