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Requesting Access

How to Request Access to the WRA (off of the paved trails and boardwalk)

  • Access shall be subject to "pre-approval" via requests made through the Access Request Form process. The Access Request Form is available in print form.
  • Final access approval is confirmed through the Wetlands Oversight Committee (WOC), Anthony Guerrero (425-352-3557). No access will be allowed without PRIOR confirmation from the Wetlands Oversight Committee.
  • All requests for access, regardless of time or date, require a completed Access Request Form signed by the leader/faculty member in charge and submitted to the WOC. In completing the form, particular attention should be paid to the request for information as to why off-trail access is needed and how impacts will be managed and minimized. Completed Access Request Forms will be reviewed by the Wetlands Oversight Committee (WOC) at its meeting held the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Requests not received in time for review at the WOC meeting will be held until the next month's meeting and will delay tour approval. Access confirmation will be sent out within 48 hours after WOC approval.

Wetlands with a rainbow in the background