University of Washington Bothell Finance Transformation Team (UWBFT)


The purpose of UWBFT is

  • To foster strong relationships with the UWFT Program
  • To represent our campus while balancing the needs of UW as a whole
  • To prepare our campus for changes including, but not limited to: systems, processes, and a new operational model (shared services)
  • Support the implementation of a large-scale campus change


Team Deliverables

  • Participate in UWBFT Team meetings (2 each month, may increase at times)
  • Participate in UWFT Program sessions as assigned and share information and knowledge from these sessions with campus stakeholder groups
  • Engage the campus community and UWFT Program
  • Support and lead UW Bothell campus implementation efforts
  • Develop and lead UW Bothell change management efforts
  • Develop and implement UW Bothell communication efforts 


Team Scope Definition

The scope of the UWBFT Team is to prepare campus for the upcoming Financial Transformation change; this includes, but is not limited to: systems, processes, and a new operational model (shared services). This large-scale campus change will make many improvements and changes in the systems we use, and how people perform their day-to-day activities that will be both good and disruptive. Our UWBFT Team is charged to support our people, our teams, and our organization as we transition through all of the phases. Our Team is designed to be highly participative (requires to be in-person) and collaborative so that we are engaging with our campus community. 


Team Structure


UW Bothell Representatives

  • Program Advisory Team - Segan Jobe,  Senior Director of IPB
  • Op Model Working Group - Kendra Yoshimoto, Director of FAS
  • PTT Record to Report - Kendra Yoshimoto, Director of FAS
  • PTT Procure to Pay / Supply Chain - Megan DeVeau, Program Financial Manager FAS
  • PTT Plan & Manage the Business -  Steve Walline, Program Operations Analyst IPB
  • OCM Advisory Group Unit Readiness Lead - Sheri Willis, Organizational Development Specialist OE-HR