Finance Transformation

Finance Transformation

About Finance Transformation

Finance Transformation's vision is to deliver accurate and complete financial information that will empower value-driven decisions and ensure integrity and responsible stewardship for the University of Washington Bothell.

UW Financial Transformation (UWFT) program team is leading this effort for Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma campuses. This large-scale system change work will make many improvements and changes in our financial systems, and how people perform their day-to-day activities. 

UWFT is much more than a systems update - it is a redesign of our finance-related policies and processes, with the help of new technology.

UWFT Tagline

Transparency | Integrity | Synergy

Our tagline embodies our program values and is influenced by our guiding principles. It represents the duality of the program impacting both our people and our systems.

To learn more about our mission, vision, and values, visit the About UWFT website.

UWFT Benefits

How will UWFT benefit me?

Whether your financial activity is a core part of your job or you don’t do any finance work, but hear that this project is important to UW, there are many benefits of this financial transformation for you.  To learn about the specific benefits, visit the UWFT benefits page.

To learn more about UWFT program, visit UWFT website and UWFT sharepoint.

Where Are We?


We are currently in implementation phase. Click here for more information.


Helping our Campus Prepare for Finance Transformation

Our UW Bothell Finance Transformation Team was formed to prepare campus for the transition and to support the successful implementation of the new financial system and processes. Our team will prepare our campus for changes including, but not limited to: systems, processes, and operational model. 


Contact Us

Any questions regarding UWBFT? Please reach out to our team at