FAQs from 2016 budget presentation meetings

The following questions were posed at the various UW Bothell budget presentation meetings held with campus groups in November 2016 by Ruth Johnston and Segan Jobe.

Question: What are some ideas for alternative locations when student enrollment targets for the UW Bothell campus are met?

Answer: We will look at academic demand, format options (e.g. hybrid, weekends or evenings) and locations based on a variety of factors (e.g. cost, proximity to student base). We are exploring other options on the eastside, the City of Bothell, and Everett. These discussions are being included in the campus master planning.

Question: How do we request money for new ideas or additional funding for programs?

Answer: After we begin the budget recalibration process and if resources are available we will issue a request process.  In the meantime, please send requests and ideas to Ruth (ruthj@uw.edu) or Segan (seganj@uw.edu).

Question: Where can I find the master plan presentation?

Answer: Please view the master plan webpage for a variety of information and materials.

Question: Will there be funding for additional staff? When students and faculty increase, staff increases are needed.

Answer: We are planning to conduct a staffing audit to determine the staff/faculty/student ratio. We will make data based decisions as a result.

Question: Do we have a hiring freeze?

Answer: Staffing is determined on an ‘as needed’ basis. Talk with your direct supervisor who will discuss with their Vice Chancellor to decide.

Question: As we strive to increase staff efficiencies are there plans for software improvements to aid in this? Is there a budget for software/technology resources for schools/units?

Answer: IT evaluates the technology/program needs of the campus when asked. Schools and departments are partnering with UW centrally, UWB IT, and other groups to find ways to improve efficiencies.  There is no central technology budget at this time.

Question: What is our bond debt and timeline?

Answer: Our only bond debt is Discovery Hall. $26,755,000; 30 years starting 7/1/2013   

Question: How long/far out is the budget forecast?

Answer: The budget is forecast for six years, or the equivalent of three biennia.

Question: What are the assumptions for tuition increases?

Answer: UW Bothell follows central UW decision making for undergraduate residents and graduate Tiers with the exception of Nursing and Business master’s degrees, which are not being proposed for an increase.

Question: What are the building projects and how much money is needed?

Answer:The Master Plan will determine building projects, then we will scope the budget.

Question: Is equity required for the Eastside Leadership Center building?

Answer: No, equity is only required for purchased properties. ELC is a lease property.

Question: Fee based programs vs. state funded programs – how is the decision made?

Answer: The decision is made based on financial risk for the program, market demand, and other factors. 

Question: Could we do our own fee based programs like UW Tacoma?

Answer: We could but need to think strategically about all the costs, risks and administration needed. 

Question: How Is the Summer Quarter Budget Different from the Budget for Other Quarters?

Answer: In comparison to the partially state-funded courses offered at UW during fall, winter, and spring quarters, summer quarter does not directly draw on state resources. The twelve-month funding for student services of the University, including Registration, Computing, Communications, Libraries, and the annual budgets of the various schools and colleges support the summer academic activity and are excluded from the Summer Quarter budget. Moreover, the basic University infrastructure, electricity, security, personnel, payroll, etc., are also provided by UW annual budgets. Thus, the Summer Quarter instructional budget managed through TeamBudget, and funded by tuition, is the only truly self-sustaining part of the Summer Session.

We will continue to update this list as questions come in. Submit additional questions to the budget and planning team